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Suffered Catastrophic Injuries?

An experienced personal injury lawyer can ensure that you get the most compensation possible for your injuries. Don’t wait. Call us right away so we can start working on your behalf.

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Suffered Catastrophic Injuries?


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Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

We help people win against insurance companies, big businesses and private entities.

Catastrophic injuries are extremely severe and can be caused in a number of ways. Catastrophic injuries typically include a serious injury to a person’s brain, spinal cord or other neurological areas and often times have lasting effects. As with any traumatic personal injury, there are a wide range of outcomes which range from a full recovery to permanent disability, both which can leave the individual who has suffered a catastrophic injury to have limited life function. In the most serious circumstances it’s not uncommon for one’s catastrophic injuries to cause death.

At a time of such upheaval and stress, you should not have to worry about what might happen next and how you are going to get back to where you were before the accident. It’s important that you consult with an injury attorney to understand every option that you have when dealing with catastrophic injuries and pursing the negligent individual(s) who have caused this personal injury.

Insurance Companies are Not on Your Side

It is the insurance company’s job to save their company. The insurance adjuster will often attempt to settle out the case for the lowest possible settlement.

Call us before you sign anything.

The insurance company may have already made contact with you and tried to get you to sign an agreement or answer some uncomfortable questions about the accident and your injuries all while recording the conversation. While the insurance adjuster is not breaking any laws, they often do not have your best interest in mind when doing their job.

Before you sign anything, contact us and get a free consultation with a Campbell & Associates injury lawyer. With our experience in serious injury cases, we are dedicated to helping people just like you in getting the settlement you deserve.

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Why You Need An Attorney

An experienced personal injury lawyer can ensure that you get the most compensation possible for your injuries. Don’t wait. Call us right away so we can start working on your behalf.

Categories of Catastrophic Injuries

  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Boating Accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Spinal Cord Injury

Common long term issues that Catastrophic Injuries can cause:

  • Paralysis
  • Speech and Motor Disabilities
  • Neurological and Brain Development Complications
  • Chronic Pain
  • Future Surgeries & Rehabilitation


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Catastrophic injuries caused by another person’s negligence can turn your family’s life upside down. Suddenly you are unable to work, medical bills are piling up with no end in sight, and you are struggling just to make ends meet. Many of these catastrophic injuries can lead to serious, if not fatal, consequences for the injured and their family which may require part or full time medical care for the remainder of the injured’s life. These injuries be brain injuries, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, damages to internal organs, but they all share the common bond that these are injuries that are life-changing and often cause chronic, long-term disability and medical care and rehabilitation.

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