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You take every precaution when you decide to take to the road. You keep your vehicle in safe operating condition, observe speed limits, always wear your seat belt, and give driving your full attention.

Sometimes that’s still not enough to keep you out of harm’s way. You can do everything right and be the victim in a car accident through absolutely no fault of your own. When this happens, you need to contact an auto injury attorney, such as the personal injury attorneys at Campbell & Associates in Rock Hill, S.C., as soon as possible.

No Accident

Most auto accidents occur because someone did something wrong. Perhaps they chose not to obey road signs, or they drove too fast, recklessly, or were distracted. Often, it’s a combination of many human errors.

Many safety professionals agree that there’s no such thing as a car “accident.” If you were in a vehicular collision and you weren’t at fault, it’s highly likely that the incident was a result of the inattention or negligence of someone else. Why should you or a loved one suffer injury, work loss, or disruption of activities due to the carelessness of another driver?

The Legal Definition

In South Carolina, drivers owe a “duty of care” to others on the road. Simply put, it means that drivers have a responsibility to drive safely, keep other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians out of harm caused by them. When drivers fail to meet that obligation, and even minor pain or injury occurs, a charge of negligence can be made. The injured party, known as the plaintiff, may attempt to prove that the other party, the defendant, committed actions that violated this duty of care and that this violation caused an injury.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

  • Whiplash
  • Broken Bones
  • Concussion
  • Neck or back pain

There’s more to your car accident claim than a list of injuries. At Campbell & Associates in Rock Hill, S.C., we work with our clients to help make sure every area of a claim is covered. 


If you were injured in an automobile accident, the clock is ticking. We understand accidents happen at every hour of the day, and that is why we have intake professionals available to answer your call 24 hours a day.


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