[google-map location=”{Stanfield, NC} “]Personal injury lawyers can file suit for a wide array of causes of action for their clients.

While automotive accidents are the most usual areas of personal injury law, personal injuries can also emerge from defamation, assault, and slip and falls.

The first consultation with attorneys is usually always free of charge to you, so calling an attorney following a personal injury is risk-free. 

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Attorneys must also agree to represent you once you ultimately decide to file suit. Lawyers want to assist and fight for you, but there are particular occasions when they must decline representation. Some situations that will require an attorney to not represent you include: 

When legal practitioners strongly believe that a claim is going to be not successful, they must not pursue a claim. Consequences to attorneys involve possible fees from the court, having their licenses suspended, and/or even disbarred permanently. Courts will not hear frivolous legal actions, and attorneys are not permitted to waste the courts’ time. Thus, there must be a realistic chance that you will succeed if a legal professional accepts to work with you. 

Legal professionals will figure out if you still have time to file suit during the first conversation assessing what occurred. You must file suit within your state’s statute of limitations, otherwise you will be prevented from filing suit if you go beyond the time cap. To put things into perspective, South Carolina restricts wrongful death actions to three years.

Though there are a few exceptions that would let you sue if you surpass the statute of limitations, a lawyer will not represent you if too much time has elapsed, and no such exception applies. Reaching out to a lawyer as soon as you can is therefore consistently recommended so that your lawsuit does not get barred. 

At times attorneys will not represent you for their individual personal issues, rather than anything to do with your case. Rightfully so, if a lawyer cannot give you adequate representation, he or she should decline to represent you. Some personal challenges could include time limitations, being unwell, or holiday. A different law practice will likely be referred to you if a lawyer cannot represent you due to a personal cause. 

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Lawyers will not be able to represent you if they have a conflict of interest with you, an opposing party, or your claim. There are a variety of scenarios where there could be a conflict of interest, such as being required to reveal privileged information if the attorney were to agree to take on your claim.

When there is a conflict of interest, an attorney will only have the ability to represent you if he or she provides you and all other parties involved a total disclosure and has all individuals endorse a written waiver. 

Despite specializing in one specialty of law, licensed lawyers can still practice other specialties. Entertainment attorneys can still file suit for a client’s personal injury case. A personal injury attorney needs to, however, familiarize his or herself with the pertinent rules and be assured that he or she can take on this type of case.

Extensively reading up on the subject matter and being very accustomed to the area of law will require time and money on the lawyer’s own funds. The practice of law fluctuates a lot, as there are several areas that an attorney can choose to pursue, so if one attorney doesn’t feel confident pursuing a certain suit, he or she must not accept to representation. 

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You can be confident that the experienced attorneys at Campbell and Associates will be able to represent your meritorious personal injury case. Call us today at: 704-326-7243 . The initial consultation to determine whether you have a possibly successful case is always free, so you have absolutely nothing to lose for reaching out to us.