[google-map location=”{McConnells, SC} “]There are several areas of personal injury law that an attorney can work with you for.

Automobile collisions, pet bites, and medical malpractice claims all fall under personal injury law, among other claims.

Speaking to an attorney following a personal injury for a cost-free consultation will ensure that the essential facts are articulated while they are up-to-date in your mind. 

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After speaking with an attorney and choosing to proceed with your claim, the attorney must also decide to represent you. Now and then an attorney must, unfortunately, decline the chance to represent you. Some situations that will force a lawyer to not represent you include: 

Legal representatives are precluded from filing a claim when they conclude that it will not be meritorious. A court could enforce penalties and have lawyers suspended or disbarred if they pursue lawsuits that they conclude will fail. Courts are already overcrowded with numerous pending suits, so frivolous legal actions waste the courts’ time even more. Thus, there must be a sensible probability that you will prevail if a lawyer agrees to represent you. 

The reason why a lawyer will ask you when the personal injury happened to you is to figure out if you are within the time limit to file suit. Every state has its own statute of limitations that sets forth the maximum amount of time that can go by before your claim is barred. For example, South Carolina’s statute of limitations for dog bite lawsuits is up to three years.

An attorney will not agree to progress with your claim if the statute of limitations for your personal injury has gone by in the absence of an exception. Reaching out to a lawyer as quickly as you can is therefore consistently recommended so that your claim does not get barred. 

Attorneys’ personal problem (s) can also result in them not being able to represent you. If you determine that you intend to advance with your case, you will need appropriate advice, and if an attorney cannot offer that for you, he or she must not handle your case.

These personal matters could consist of fiscal, family, or emotional issues, being ethically opposed, or maybe not having sufficient time. If that is the case, a legal representative will likely have the ability to recommend you to another capable law firm that will be well-equipped. 

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If a lawyer has a conflict of interest with you or a participant included in your case, it will likely hinder representation. There may be a conflict of interest, for example, if the lawyer has a significant financial interest in the outcome of your case. Conflicts of interests may be waived only by an endorsed writing from all the individuals after discussing the full extent of the conflict. 

Although many lawyers choose to practice in one subject matter of law, they are still lawfully permitted to practice in other entirely different subjects of the law. A lawyer who focuses on corporate business law can also represent clients for their personal injury claims.

The American Bar Association firmly enforces that any lawyer who decides to represent a client is competent in that area of law, however. Deciding to represent a client outside of a lawyer’s dedicated field of law can require the attorney to accomplish supplemental analysis and online research while planning for the claim to make sure that the representation will be high quality.

It is close to unattainable to be proficient in each area of the law, so if a lawyer doesn’t feel experienced in the field of law that you want to sue in, he or she may recommend you to a different law firm who is well-seasoned in that field. 

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