[google-map location=”{Icard, NC} “]There are various areas of personal injury law that an attorney can represent you for.

While automobile collisions are the most usual areas of personal injury law, personal injuries can also emerge from defamation, assault, and slip and falls.

Contacting an attorney following a personal injury for a cost-free consultation will make sure that the significant facts are articulated while they are fresh in your mind. 

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Lawyers must also choose to accept to represent you once you ultimately choose to file a claim. Attorneys want to assist and fight for you, but there are certain times when they must decline representation. Some circumstances that will cause a lawyer to not represent you include: 

Lawyers are disallowed from filing a claim when they strongly believe that it will not be successful. Impacts on lawyers consist of potential sanctions from the court, having their licenses suspended, and/or even disbarred permanently. Courts are already crowded with many pending suits, so frivolous suits waste the courts’ time even more. Subsequently, attorneys must have reason to conclude that your case will prosper if they decide to pursue it. 

Lawyers will find out if you still have time to sue during the initial discussion assessing what took place. Each state has its own statute of limitations that determine the maximum amount of time that can pass before your claim is barred. To put things into context, South Carolina limits wrongful death actions to three years.

If you delay filing a claim and the statute of limitations elapses, an attorney will not go forward with your lawsuit unless you fall within a very limited exception. It cannot be emphasized enough that you should get in touch with a legal representative immediately following a personal injury so that your claim is timely filed. 

Lawyers at times may not have the ability to take on your case for personal reasons. When you’re fighting for your claim and reimbursement, you need the top representation obtainable, so an attorney should not accept your case if he or she concludes that he or she can’t produce that top representation.

These personal complications can involve money, family, or emotional challenges, being morally opposed, or not having sufficient time. If an attorney is unable to represent you for personal factors, he or she will usually be able to recommend you to a different attorney in that area of law so no matter what, you will not waste your time. 

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Conflicts of interests can prevent lawyers from representing prospective clients. If an opposing individual is a current or past client of the lawyer, for instance, there would be a conflict of interest because the lawyer would already know information about that person that would be shielded by the attorney-client privilege.

Even though there are ways to conquer a conflict of interest, including full disclosure and written approval from all the people involved, there are circumstances where a legal professional will nevertheless not be able to represent you as a result of the level of discretion, privilege, and neutrality required while representing a client. 

As long as a lawyer is licensed and sworn in, he or she can represent a client in multiple specialties of the law. As an illustration, divorce lawyers can still sue for a client’s personal injury case. An attorney must, however, accustom his or herself with the appropriate rules and be assured that he or she can take on this kind of claim. This can necessitate supplemental studying and research on the attorney’s own time and money.

It is just about impossible to be proficient in every area of the law, so if an attorney doesn’t feel capable in the field of law that you want to file suit in, he or she may recommend you to another lawyer who is well-seasoned in that field. 

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