[google-map location=”{Claremont, NC} “]Personal injury lawyers take on a wide variety of cases for clients.

Whether you were harmed in an automobile collision, slip and fall, or dangerous animal incident, it is always recommended to speak with a legal representative before talking to insurance companies or choosing not to file suit.

Most law practices offer free initial consultations to assess the information surrounding your claim and will advise you about what you should do next. 

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Lawyers must also choose to accept to represent you once you ultimately choose to sue. Attorneys want to assist and fight for you, but there are certain occasions when they must reject representation. A lawyer may not have the ability to represent you when: 

When legal representatives know that a claim is bound to be ineffective, they must not pursue a lawsuit. Repercussions to attorneys involve potential penalties from the court, having their licenses suspended, and/or even disbarred entirely. Attorneys should know better than to waste the courts’ time on merit-less suits. Accordingly, there must be a sensible likelihood that you will succeed if an attorney accepts to work with you. 

Lawyers will interview you with various inquiries throughout your first evaluation with them to find out about all the applicable facts of your lawsuit, including when the injury occurred. If you wait too long to sue, your personal injury claim can be barred by your state’s statute of limitations. For instance, you have up to three years to take action for a slip and fall in South Carolina.

If a lawyer finds out that your claim has gone beyond the statute of limitations, he or she should not undertake your claim, without an applicable exception. Hence, it is strongly recommended to contact a legal representative as soon as possible to ensure that your case is promptly filed. 

Lawyers Once in a while, may not be able to undertake your case for personal causes. If you determine that you want to advance with your suit, you will need satisfactory guidance, and if a lawyer cannot offer that for you, he or she should not accept your case.

In case an attorney is far too busy with various other claims and clients and cannot take on another client or is undergoing a complicated period, he or she will not manage to work up to par. If that is the case, a law firm will likely be able to recommend you to another capable attorney that will be able to help you. 

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Lawyers are not allowed to represent a client when there is a conflict of interest. There are many predicaments where there can be a conflict of interest, such as being forced to disclose privileged information if the attorney were to agree to take on your claim. A full disclosure and signed consent from all the individuals that may have a conflict of interest could forgo a potential issue so long as the attorney will manage to uphold all privileges. 

If a lawyer is licensed and sworn in, he or she can represent a client in various fields of the law. An attorney who focuses on commercial business law can also represent clients for their personal injury claims. Lawyers that choose to pursue a case outside of their specialization need to be utterly sure that they can properly represent their clients, however.

Choosing to represent a client beyond an attorney’s dedicated field of law may require the attorney to do additional analysis and research while planning for the suit to make sure that the representation will be top quality. With plenty of greatly different areas of the law, it is exceedingly complicated to become competent in each area.

Therefore, if an attorney does not feel as though they can effectively represent you in the distinct area of law that you need representation for, he or she must decline the representation. 

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