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If you are seriously hurt in a motor vehicle accident, your everyday life can change in a flash. Knowing your rights and available options after an accident can ease some of the strain of the experience. 

You should always remain at the scene of an accident until the authorities get there. Data from a police report may prove helpful in the future, so wait for the police to get there, even if the other driver leaves.

If the other driver does leave, be sure to write down their license plate number, and try to take note of the driver’s appearance.

This will help establish who was actually driving if the driver takes off before the police get there. Eyewitnesses may approach you – jot down their contact information. Their testimony may be needed in you have to go to court. 

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It is advisable to see a physician after any serious accident. The stress of the accident may hide symptoms of an injury, and pre-existing health conditions may become aggravated. Do not wait to see a doctor if you think you may have been injured. 

You should make sure not to cash any checks or sign any papers unless you know your rights. Insurers want to save money, and settling cases early is one way to limit their liability. Once your case has been settled, the insurer will not pay for any additional medical care, even if your injuries are not completely healed. 

The best way to preserve your rights and make sure that your case is handled properly is to talk to an accident lawyer. 

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Do I really need to consult a lawyer if I was not seriously hurt? You may think your case is straightforward and you do not need a lawyer, but you may find that an attorney can help you, even if your case seems simple. The law firm of Campbell & Associates has many years’ experience in the field of accident law, and has dealt with most insurance companies many times. Different insurers may respond to different strategies, and we know them all. 

Your attorney can work with the insurance company to get temporary payments for medical expenses without hurting your chances for a settlement down the road. Look for a local attorney who knows the area, and knows the insurance adjusters who will be handling your case. Insurance companies know which attorneys have the experience to demand the maximum amount of compensation the law allows, and which attorneys have the determination and ability to go to court if necessary. 

You may not immediately recognize all the factors that lead to your accident, so it is never wise to acknowledge fault to anyone. The other driver may have been intoxicated, or the light that you remember as being red may actually have been green or yellow at the time of the accident. There may be weather conditions or road conditions that played a part in the accident. A hasty admission of culpability could harm you in the long run. 

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