Teen Driving Accidents

10 Things to Teach New Drivers to Help Prevent Teen Driving Accidents After spending years protecting your children, you now face the prospect of handing them the keys to the family car. With an average of six teenagers killed in vehicle-related accidents every day, it’s essential that teen drivers are taught basic skills [...]

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Social Security Benefit Questions

4 Common Caregiver Questions about North Carolina Social Security Disability Benefits Are you the child or spouse of someone with a debilitating illness or injury? Does he or she need to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in North Carolina? Not only does caretaking require time and energy but also financial stability. [...]

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Texting and Driving Accidents in NC

How to Prove a Texting and Driving Accident in North Carolina National prevention campaigns to end texting and driving accidents have such titles as “It Can Wait,” “U Drive. U Text. U Pay.” and “Famous Last Words,” namely to reach the 660,000 people continuing to use cell phones while driving. In North Carolina, [...]

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Social Media And Personal Injury Claims

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim After you’ve been injured by an accident, it’s natural to seek the support of family and friends on social media. This is particularly true of the 68 percent of adults who use Facebook and other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, often on a [...]

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Workers Compensation & Brain Injury

Can I Get Workers’ Compensation for a Brain Injury? A traumatic brain injury can be caused by almost any violent event on the job – a car accident, an equipment malfunction, a fall or a falling object. It happens working at construction sites, in factories, delivering goods, and serving the public. In North Carolina, [...]

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Spring Lawn Care

5 Essential Lawn Care Health & Safety Tips Every spring and summer, homeowners are responsible for their property’s lawn care and maintenance. While spending weekends landscaping can be rewarding, weed-killing chemicals can lead to serious herbicide injury, and lawn mower accidents often end in the emergency room. As a recent CNN News report explains, [...]

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Car Accident Brain Injury

What to Do If You Suffer a Car Accident Brain Injury A car accident brain injury can change a person’s life in a matter of seconds, though it often goes undetected. Car and truck accidents are the cause for nearly 28% of people who suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI). In fact, they’re the [...]

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Drunk Driving Accidents on Holidays

Drunk Driving Accidents Soar on Holidays Everyone loves the holidays—time off, reconnecting with family and friends, the food, the drinks. Unfortunately, the celebratory spirit can cause people to overindulge and make poor decisions when it comes to drinking and driving. Alcohol-related injury reports from the North Carolina Department of Transportation show that specific holidays [...]

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