There can be many questions surrounding what you may be entitled to regarding workers’ compensation and a work-related injury. Take a look at the most common types of compensation available.

Medical Compensation
Medical compensation covers medical bills, physical therapy, MRIs, doctor’s appointments, travel reimbursement, and more.

Disability Compensation
Disability compensation includes weekly payments to cover the time needed for healing and recovery from the work-related injury. This type of benefit is known as Temporary Total Disability Benefits, commonly abbreviated as TTD. To qualify for TTD benefits, the injured worker needs to prove disability. Disability is typically proven by a treating physician providing written documentation. It is recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible so that your injury is documented for the specific time and place of its occurrence.

Another common form of disability benefits includes Permanent Partial Disability Benefits, commonly abbreviated as PPD. To qualify for PPD benefits, a doctor must assign some percentage of loss of use to the injured body part(s). This percentage of loss of use is known as permanent partial impairment, commonly abbreviated as PPI.

There are other types of disability benefits, such as Temporary Partial or Permanent Total Disability Benefits that also may be available depending upon the circumstances.

When it comes to workers’ compensation law in North and South Carolina, there are benefits that those injured at work may be entitled to. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney understands the criteria, what entitlement may be available, and the proper steps to help win your case.

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