What comes to mind when you think of workers’ compensation? For most of us, we think of a time post WWII when technology grew and manufacturing soared. Unfortunately, as man worked alongside machines, workplace injuries and accidents became more frequent and both workers and companies suffered.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance was created to protect workers and their families in case of the unthinkable – an accident or injury, even a fatality that could leave the family in both emotional and financial distress. Even with the many technological advances and workplace safety initiatives that are in place, the National Safety Council states a worker is injured every 7 seconds in the U.S.!

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Is that you? The most common work injuries occur in the civil service industry (police, fire), shipping and transportation, manufacturing and construction. If you have been in a work accident, it is extremely important to obtain your workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits will allow you to get the treatment you need, the pay you are entitled to, and the time to recover.

What If You Are Injured At Work?

However, the process to receive benefits can be confusing especially when you are trying to heal. Contacting a workers’ compensation attorney can help you take the worry out of the process by helping to ensure you get the treatment and pay you deserve. A workers’ compensation attorney, such as Campbell & Associates, will work to help make sure you have money to pay for your treatments, recovery, and bills. You are also entitled to the time away from work without having to worry about losing your job. If your injury makes you ineligible for your old position, a workers’ compensation attorney can often make sure education and training for a new position is paid for, giving you the security, you need.

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