Personal injury attorneys or lawyers make up an area of law focused on helping individuals and families of those who have been injured. If you search for a personal injury attorney or lawyer in North Carolina you may find a large list of specific areas law that personal injury attorneys practice.

5 Common Practice Areas

Since personal injury attorneys work to help the injured or their families receive compensation as a result of intentional or non-intentional harm at the fault of someone else, they typically work on cases surrounding the following:

Auto accident injuries
Workers’ compensation
Wrongful death
Motorcycle Accidents

What to Expect from Your Personal Injury Attorney

While every law firm operates differently with guidelines and regulations surrounding the state they practice in, there are common grounds and expectations. Campbell & Associates offers a free initial consultation at any of their 5 locations in North and South Carolina. The next step will be gathering documentation, statements and any other necessary information your legal team will need to proceed. You can then expect for your personal injury attorney to ask for a favorable compensation from the insurance company working with the other party. If both parties cannot agree upon the compensation and terms a lawsuit may be filed and, if necessary, to resolve your case, the case may go to court.

At Campbell & Associates we fight to help our clients work to get the compensation we believe they deserve. Our experienced legal team works as a team to represent our clients. We have the experience, compassion and resources to represent many types of cases in North and South Carolina. You can learn more about Campbell & Associates by visiting our website, or by requesting a free consultation by calling 704.333.0885.

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