Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

From car accidents to medical malpractice, to a dog bite or class action lawsuit, you generally have the legal right to recover compensation when you’re injured as a result of another person’s careless action. This compensation can come by settling a claim outside of court or through a formal trial.

If you find yourself in a situation where you may need to make a personal injury claim, one of the most important decisions is whether to hire a lawyer. While you’re not legally required to have an attorney handle your personal injury claim, there are certain types of accidents and injuries that almost always require legal expertise and the benefits of an experienced lawyer.

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What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Personal injury lawyers can help you recover the financial compensation you need to pay for medical treatment, lost wages and personal suffering. At Campbell & Associates we represent victims of motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, nursing home abuse, medical injury, and wrongful death.

In order to recover full and fair compensation for victims, personal injury lawyers perform multiple duties:

✓ Explaining your rights based on state law
✓ Providing advice regarding insurance companies
✓ Representing you in court
✓ Completing a professional investigation
✓ Connecting with medical providers
✓ Accurately assessing long-term damages
✓ Working through negotiations, mediations or disputes
✓ Fielding settlement offers in your best interest

A personal injury lawyer shoulders the burden of the legal process and helps to guide you through the complex legal process as you recover.

Signs You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

You may need to hire a lawyer to represent you if you have suffered serious injuries or when the legal rules implicated by your personal injury claim are highly complex. Many claims are also initiated when insurance companies refuse to settle in good faith.

If you were involved in any of the following types of accidents or suffered serious injuries, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately.

1. You suffered severe, long-term or permanently disabling injuries

While most personal injury claims have clearly defined costs, long-term disabilities have ongoing, open-ended costs. Only an experienced lawyer can calculate how much your injuries are worth and how they will affect your earning capacity over time.

Even if your injuries are not permanent, the amount of compensation you ultimately receive largely depends on the type of injuries you sustained, the costs of your medical care, and the length of your recovery time. A personal injury lawyer can ensure that the insurance company pays the total amount of compensation to which you are entitled as you begin to reach the limits of the at-fault party’s insurance policy.

2. There are multiple parties involved or liability is unclear

In some cases, accidents might involve multiple vehicles or parties. This can occur if there was a multi-car pileup or a situation involving contractors, subcontractors and employees. A personal injury lawyer can help identify all parties that may share liability in the case and who may be named as defendants.

3. A settlement is offered

Insurance companies often attempt to get rid of cases as quickly as possible to minimize the payout since they represent their client’s financial interests. Very often, the initial number is a low offer that they hope the victim will accept. Before accepting a settlement, consult with a personal injury lawyer who can determine whether an offer seems fair.

4. Your claim is denied

Insurance companies are for-profit companies that have a vested interest in denying personal injury claims. They may attempt to shift blame, focus on a pre-existing medical condition, question your credibility, search for procedural errors, or pressure you to settle before you have contacted a lawyer.

If you know that the other party was responsible for the accident, but the insurance company does not want to take responsibility, it is important to talk to a lawyer to get an objective and experienced opinion.

Contact a North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer

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