When attorneys advertise no recovery, no fee, they are working on a contingency basis. In other words, their fee is contingent on them successfully resolving the case in your favor. If they do not recover money from the other party for you, they do not take a fee for their work. A personal injury law firm will frequently advertise this option, where they only get paid if they win the case for you. Other types of attorneys may be less likely to offer contingency options, and some do not offer this option at all.

By working closely with a personal injury law firm, you have the opportunity to discover what your case might be worth, and the best way to handle that case, so you have the highest chance of recovering an amount that is fair and just. In an injury case, an attorney who successfully handles your case and recovers for you will receive a percentage of the recovery amount.

A no recovery, no fee option gives people who have been injured the opportunity to have their case heard, even if they cannot afford an attorney. Since the injury attorney is paid from the proceeds of the case they won for you, there is no upfront cost that could stop you from having your day in court and your voice heard. A contingency case may not be right for every situation, but for many people it is the option they need when they reach out to a personal injury law firm for help.

At Campbell & Associates we believe those who have been injured, due to the fault of someone else, deserve the opportunity to be heard. The effects from an injury can be long lasting and often come with a financial burden. If you have been seriously injured call Campbell & Associates for a free case review. Our personal injury firm’s phone lines are open 24/7. Call 704.333.0885 today.

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