Is your work putting you in the hot seat this summer? 

Summer heat can be brutal, and so can the injuries and illnesses sustained from spending time in the heat without the proper equipment or wellness plan. With more than 30 years providing work injury help, we know workplace injuries rise with the summer heat, so being aware of common injuries/illnesses and how to prevent them is imperative.

5 Common Workplace Injuries

    1. Dehydration – Working outside in the heat for long hours a day can severely deplete your body of the fluids and electrolytes it needs to function. Dehydration is a common, sometimes life-threatening issue. Symptoms to look out for include dizziness, fatigue, dark-colored urine, and fainting.
    2. Sprains, strains, or tears – Over-exertion and long periods of using your limbs outdoors can lead to poor self-care or lack of self-awareness in the field. The result? You could be looking at physical injuries, such as sprains, strains, or tears that can lay you up for weeks and potentially lead to surgery.
    3. Falls – Did you know that statistically, falls occur more frequently in warmer months than in cooler months? Increased work in the field (outdoors) and the potential for summer storms can lead to an increased risk of falls.
    4. Hyperthermia – Hyperthermia, often referred to as Heat Stroke, is a common occurrence in the hot summer months for workers forced to spend countless hours in the heat. Exposure to the elements under tough conditions can result in your body shutting down. Heat stroke presents itself as dizziness, confusion, and a racing heart.
    5. Motor Vehicle Accidents – Many physical outdoor jobs require a motor vehicle to be operated. Furthermore, construction jobs are plentiful in the summer months, and workers are constantly putting themselves in danger from other drivers. When operating a vehicle or required to be near heavy machinery at all, extra caution is needed to avoid serious injuries.

    3 Ways to Beat the Heat at Work this Summer

    1. Employee Education – Your workplace should have safety measures in place or continuously teach employees about the importance of workplace safety and wellness.
    2. Employee Injury Prevention – Using the proper equipment, avoiding slippery or unsafe conditions, and operating heavy machinery properly can all help reduce injuries in the workplace.
    3. Employee Summer Safety – Preventing summer-related illnesses is easier than you think. Employers should be providing frequent water breaks, a shady area to take your breaks in, and avoiding work during periods of intense heat.

    It’s Cool to Be Educated

    Are you educated on how to keep workplace injuries or illnesses from occurring? Most are avoidable with some knowledge and common sense. Learning how to avoid workplace injuries will help prevent frustrations with being laid up in the future–and may prevent you from securing the expertise of an accident injury law firm like us. Training will help you recognize danger signs in your environment. If you take the time to educate yourself, you’ve already won half the battle.

    The best way to exercise workplace safety education is to maintain good physical and mental health to avoid easily preventable illnesses or injuries. Education and support from your employer in safety situations will help you avoid long-term time off from work-related injuries. Investing in safety knowledge keeps you on the job. Avoid the hassle of a work-related injury and the processes that go along with that injury or illness.

    Is Your Summer Being Overshadowed By A Work-Related Injury?

    Many people are not aware of what they are entitled to with their work-related injuries. However, securing the proper compensation may require some help from professionals.

    First, determine what type of injury you have and if it falls under Workers’ Compensation.
    Next, report your injury immediately.
    Then, find out what type of benefits may be due to you.

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