Personal Injury Cases & Practicing Social Distancing

As we all know, many medical providers are not accepting patients on a non-emergency basis. This may leave you unsure of how to seek medical advice and treatment while practicing social distancing. If you are injured, it’s critical to reach out to your primary care physician even by way of chat through their database or website, like MyChart. This communication should begin early. These documents of communication may be used as evidence of pain and the need for treatment. Be clear about your injuries and pain when speaking with your medical professional even when not talking face to face.

Keep Your Receipts
Don’t throw out your receipts for over-the-counter pain relief. Keep a journal of all medications used along with documenting painful episodes, changes that occur medically, mentally, and physically during this time.

It’s possible that receiving our “normal” standard of care will not be available again for three to five weeks. However, having a phone call to medical facilities is vital with helplines. Many large medical facilities like, Novant and Atrium, have these set up and available. Chiropractic offices, orthopedics, and others do as well.

Therefore, don’t sit home in pain and fear. Log into your physician’s website for contact and support or reach out to our experienced legal team at Campbell & Associates for helpline information to get some advice on home care, until it’s safe to get face to face with your care team.

Our attorneys are here to walk you through this process. Don’t wait to schedule your FREE consultation with Campbell & Associates today. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day 704.333.0885. Our team has put in place virtual consultations in an effort to protect our staff, clients, and community.

*Disclaimer: This is not medical advice but legal advice in an effort to document your damages, when medical care is unavailable.

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