Coronavirus has devastated our towns and communities, sickening millions, shuttering businesses and impacted the way everyday Americans live and work. The financial devastation is unprecedented, especially to business owners. Most business owners are required to have business insurance to protect against these losses, but the piles of paperwork and red tape make it difficult to understand how to file a claim. On top of revenue losses, being forced to lay off or furlough workers, and unable to pay operating expenses, business owners are at the end of their rope.

Has your business suffered financial losses or even closed during the Coronavirus pandemic? If you have a business insurance policy, you may be eligible to file a claim.
Covid-19 has forced everyday businesses like barber shops, restaurants, bars, hair salons, gyms, and florists to close to keep the public safe. This has had a devastating effect on families, and we want to help you weed through the endless paperwork caused by commercial insurance policies.

When you open a business like a hair salon, restaurant, or bar, and in good faith pay your commercial insurance premium, you have entered a contract between your business and the insurance company. You have likely paid your insurance premiums for many years and should be able to count on them in times like these, when your business is suffering losses that are out of your control. Campbell & Associates cares about your business and your employees and may be able to help you recover losses your business has endured during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Don’t let another day of uncertainty go by. Let Campbell & Associates help you and your employees get back to work. Call Campbell & Associates today and let us help you recover for your business losses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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