Whatever you do for a living, you have the right to do it safely. Your employer’s responsibility is to provide a danger-free place to work. In the event, you are injured while on the job, receiving prompt medical treatment and appropriate compensation should never be compromised.

But that is less likely to happen if no one knows that illness or injury has occurred. That’s why you need to speak up. Doing so won’t just make the situation better for you. It also encourages your employer to correct work equipment or conditions that might also expose your co-workers to risk.

Why You Might Not Speak Up

Some jobs are physically tougher on the body than others. Those workers feel that they always go home a little stiff and sore and might not recognize immediately when the pain is more serious.

Others might feel that they might be reprimanded or mistreated if they report it. Some may think the injury is too minor to worry about.

Here’s Why it’s so Important to File a Claim

Whatever the reason, the risk is that you might jeopardize the opportunity to get your workers’ compensation claim in and your condition treated.

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that your employer must pay into. It covers workplace illness or injury. As an employee, you’re owed that coverage if you’re injured at work. But you can’t qualify if your work-related sickness or injury isn’t first documented and a claim filed in a timely manner.

The states have varying time limits for filing workers’ comp claims, but you should try to do so as soon as possible. Some employers will file the claims on your behalf, but others require you to do so.

Your employer might not always be motivated to take action. Their fears could be that one or more claims might cause their insurance rates to rise. They may also be concerned that notification might draw attention with OSHA, the government agency that safeguards employees in the workplace.

That means that you can take action to fight for what is right.

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For whatever reason or reasons that might discourage you to file a claim for a workplace illness or injury, it’s important that you do it. Your first step should be to contact a lawyer, such as Campbell & Associates, with the experience and knowledge in the field of workers’ comp claims.

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