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What’s My Personal Injury Case Worth?

What’s My Personal Injury Case Worth?

That is the $64,000 question (not literally) and we hear this question A LOT!  Our initial response is we really do not have a good answer, as each and every case is different.  Your case is as unique as you are.  Everyone reacts to pain and injury differently.  Two people can have identical injuries – however, their pain and treatment may be completely different.  We can only determine a realistic range for settlement once all of your injuries are known and treatment is complete.  At this point, we can begin to assess the damages that the at-fault driver caused.

Factors That Determine What Your Case May Be Worth:

  • Property Damages of the vehicles involved – the mechanism for injury
  • Injuries sustained (2 types)

Soft Tissue – strains/sprains/bruising

Objective – cuts/broken bones/head injuries/death

  • Treatment required to repair the injuries and consistency of treatment
  • Length of time required to recover from injuries
  • Future medical costs
  • Lost time from work
  • Loss of enjoyment or planned activities as a result of the accident and your injuries
  • Impairment as a result of your injuries
  • Punitive exposure (when applicable)
  • Liability coverage available

Additionally, there may be other factors that may come into play when determining what your personal injury case is worth.  However, once we have gathered all the information related to your case, then your attorney will review the facts.  At this point, we will be able to understand better what a likely jury verdict range would be for your case based on our experience in Court with similar cases w/similar damages/injuries etc. Every county’s juries have different beliefs on what the value of a case should be, so where you live and where the accident happened could affect what your personal injury case is worth.

Following the case review, our attorney will call to discuss their opinion on value and we will attempt to negotiate your case into a reasonable range for settlement. If the final offer meets our expectations and you are comfortable with the outcome, we will settle your case; if we believe the number can be higher and/or you are unhappy about the final settlement we have the option of filing suit and going to court. A jury verdict is ultimate means of determining the ACTUAL VALUE FOR YOUR CASE.  However, it is also the most expensive and time consuming often taking years to get a resolution on your case.

Written by: Debra Roth who is a Licensed Claim Adjuster and Pre-Litigation Negotiator with Campbell & Associates, Attorneys at Law.

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