[google-map location=”{York, SC} “]Personal injury attorneys can file suit for a range of causes of action for their clients.

Whether you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or dangerous pet incident, it is always advised to speak to a legal representative before speaking with insurance providers or choosing not to sue.

The first consultation with lawyers is commonly always free to you, so speaking with a lawyer following a personal injury is risk-free.

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Attorneys must also agree to represent you once you ultimately choose to sue. Attorneys want to help and fight for you, but there are particular occasions when they must decline representation. Some predicaments that will oblige a lawyer to not represent you include:

Lawyers are precluded from filing a legal action when they know that it will not be successful. Attorneys could incur penalty fees and even lose their licenses if they file a case without analyzing its possibility of success. Courts are already crowded with numerous pending lawsuits, so frivolous cases waste the courts’ time even more. Hence, your lawyer must sensibly think that you have a favorable claim before pursuing legal action.

During initial consultations, lawyers will ask when the injury happened to find out whether you still have time to take legal action. Every state has its own statute of limitations that determine the maximum period of time that can pass before your claim is disallowed. As an example, in South Carolina, people have up to three years to file suit for an auto wreck, otherwise, a court will not listen to the action.

An attorney should not move forward with your claim if it is passed the statute of limitations without a valid exception. Therefore, it is particularly recommended to consult with a legal representative as early as possible to ensure that your claim is promptly taken care of.

Lawyers occasionally might not have the ability to handle your claim for personal reasons. If you determine that you will advance with your lawsuit, you will need ample advice, and if an attorney cannot offer that for you, he or she must not undertake your case. Personal concerns may include a fatality in the family, money decline, or psychological health.

If an attorney is unable to take on your claim, he or she will nonetheless help you find the help that you need by referral.

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If a lawyer has a conflict of interest with you or a participant associated with your claim, it will most likely deter representation. There can be a conflict of interest, for instance, if the legal professional has a notable financial interest in the outcome of your case. Conflicts of interests can be waived only by an endorsed writing from all the participants after explaining the complete degree of the conflict.

Despite focusing on one specialty of law, licensed lawyers can still practice other areas. For instance, entertainment attorneys can still sue for a client’s personal injury case. Lawyers that choose to pursue a claim beyond their expertise need to be absolutely positive that they can properly represent their clients, however.

Attorneys may need to work more by reading up on the topic and become more advanced and informed if they decide to represent you. This research would not be billable and would have to be done on the attorney’s own personal time. It is just about impossible to be highly qualified in all areas of the law, so if a lawyer doesn’t feel comfortable in the field of law that you want to sue in, he or she may refer you to a different law firm who is well-seasoned in that field.

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