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Millions of people were hurt at work last year, and millions more suffer work-related health problems. An additional 5,000 died from work-related injuries or sickness.

A work-related injury could create a financial hardship to the individual and his entire family. If you are prepared for the possibility of an on-the-job injury, you may spare yourself and your family a great deal of stress.

Any business or individual who has two or more employees must provide worker’s compensation insurance.

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Before you file a worker’s compensation claim, you need to know if you are regarded as an “employee” for purposes of coverage. You are not covered if you are:

  • The proprietor of a business
  • An independent contractor (you receive a Form 1099 at the end of the tax year)
  • A farm laborer
  • A maritime employee
  • A railroad employee
  • A volunteer
  • An employee in a private home, like a babysitter or housekeeper for a family

If you do fit into any of the above classifications and are injured on duty, there may be other alternatives available to you for reimbursement.

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A worker’s comp lawyer will be able to advise you of your rights. If you are a worker eligible for worker’s compensation, it is important to consult a local attorney, since worker’s compensation laws can vary from state to state.

If you are covered by worker’s compensation insurance, you need a professional who can explain just what is covered.Even if you were not on your employer’s property when you were injured, you may be covered.

You might be covered even if the work-related accident is your fault.Many work-related injuries do not happen suddenly, but develop over a period of months or years.

A qualified worker’s compensation lawyer can help you recover the maximum benefits due to you following a work-related injury or illness. Some of the benefits you may be entitled to collect are:

  • Medical care for the injury or illness
  • Income while you are unable to work
  • Job training if you are no longer able to return to your former job
  • Compensation for permanent disability or injuries
  • Death benefit for families of workers who are killed in an accident, or who die from illnesses related to work conditions

Insurance providers are always searching for ways in which to minimize the amounts they must pay in claims. Your worker’s compensation carrier may try to restrict or reject your claim completely. Consult a worker’s compensation expert to determine exactly what you are entitled to collect after an injury or illness.

You may also find that your boss attempts to punish or even fire you if you file a claim; a worker’s compensation lawyer can help if you end up in that situation.

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If your injury or ailment was caused by your employer’s negligence, you may have other options for recovery. An attorney with knowledge in accident law and in worker’s compensation law can advise you when a lawsuit against an employer is feasible. The attorneys at Campbell & Associates are well prepared to counsel you on this important matter, and are available for a no-cost consultation. Call us at 704-333-0885 if you or a relative has been hurt on the job.