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Millions of individuals were hurt at work last year, and millions more experience work-related health problems. An additional 5,000 died from job-related accidents or sickness.

Temporary or even permanent loss of income, as well as mounting medical expenses, could mean financial disaster for the worker’s family.

If you know your rights, however, you can safeguard yourself and your family from financial ruin. 

Worker’s Compensation insurance is mandated for most business enterprises which hire two or more workers, including full time, part-time, and seasonal workers.

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Before you file a worker’s compensation claim, you need to know if you are regarded as an “employee” for purposes of coverage. You are not covered if you are: 

  • The owner of the business 
  • An independent contractor (you receive a Form 1099 at the end of the tax year) 
  • A farm worker 
  • A maritime worker 
  • A railroad worker 
  • A volunteer 
  • A worker in a personal home, like a nanny or caretaker for a family 

Even if you are not covered by worker’s compensation insurance, you may yet have the chance to recover damages for an on-the-job injury. Consult with a lawyer specializing in workers compensation before assuming that you have no remedy. If you are a worker eligible for worker’s compensation, it is important to consult a local lawyer, since worker’s compensation laws differ from one state to another. 

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If you are covered by worker’s compensation insurance, you need someone who can clarify just what is covered. Some accidents or injuries happening outside the job site could be covered, if you were on duty when the accident took place. 

Even if you were at fault for a job-related accident, you might be covered. Work-related illnesses and injuries often develop gradually, sometimes resulting in permanent impairment. Benefits may be available for work-related illnesses. 

Some of the benefits available include payment for medical costs, lost wages, job training if you are not able to return to your previous job, compensation for permanent disability, and survivor benefits for the family members of an employee killed at work. A worker’s compensation lawyer can help get the maximum benefits the law allows. 

Worker’s compensation insurance companies, like all insurance companies, will be trying to find ways to reduce the amount of benefits they must pay. Your worker’s compensation provider may try to limit or reject your claim entirely. A worker’s compensation attorney can help you receive the benefits due to you after an accident or illness. 

You may also find that your employer attempts to reprimand or even fire you if you file a claim; a worker’s compensation lawyer can help if you find yourself in that situation. 

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Worker’s compensation insurance is intended to substitute for suing your employer, but you may elect not to collect worker’s compensation and sue your employer directly if the injury or illness was caused by intentional or reckless actions by your employer. Do not make such an important decision, however, without consulting a lawyer who is experienced in worker’s compensation and accident law. The law firm of Campbell & Associates offers free consultations if you or a family member has been injured at work. Call us today at 704-333-0885.