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Experiencing a major car accident is a frightening, sometimes life-altering experience, especially if you or a loved one has been hurt.

If you have been in an accident, a few important pointers can help you safeguard your rights and offer you peace of mind. 

You should always remain at the scene of an accident until the police arrive. Wait for the authorities to arrive and let them file an accident report. A police report will include vital facts that may help show that you were not responsible.

If you are able, get the license plate number of the other car, and try to remember some details about the driver’s appearance. This will help prove who was actually behind the wheel if the driver takes off before the police arrive.

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If any eyewitnesses to the accident approach you, take down their information. Statements from impartial eyewitnesses may be critical later on. 

It is a good idea to see a physician after any serious accident. Often, symptoms of soft tissue injuries do not appear until many hours or even days after an accident. Pre-existing health conditions may become aggravated. Do not wait to see a physician if you believe you may have been injured. 

You should make sure not to cash any checks or sign any documents until you know your rights. Insurers prefer to pay as little as they can, and will frequently try to settle claims quickly. Once your claim has been settled, you relinquish the ability to seek any compensation later, even if your injuries require additional medical care. 

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The best way to protect your rights and make sure that your case is handled successfully is to talk to a car car accident lawyer. 

Do I really need to consult a lawyer if I was not seriously injured? There are many reasons why seeking advice from an experienced accident attorney will really help you. The law firm of Campbell & Associates has many years’ experience in the field of accident law, and has worked with most insurance companies many times. We have dealt with the same insurance companies many times, and know the best ways to best handle each case with each insurer. 

Your lawyer may be able to get financial assistance immediately, without endangering your case in the future. A local attorney will know the area, know the local authorities, and have experience with local insurance adjusters. Insurance carriers learn in time which attorneys are prepared to go to court if necessary, and which inclined to settle for less. 

If you speak with the other driver, or anybody else at the scene of the accident or after, do not speculate about the cause of the accident, and do not say to anyone that you were at fault. The other driver may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or the light that you remember as being red may, in fact, have been green or yellow at the time of the accident. Damp or slippery roads may have been a factor in the accident. Your ability to receive compensation for your injuries may be lost if you say the wrong thing. 

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