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Any auto accident may be scary, but when you are injured, it may be much worse. If you have experienced an accident, a few important suggestions can help you protect your rights and give you comfort. 

To begin with, do not leave the scene of the accident, even if the other driver offers to exchange information with you. You or your attorney can obtain a copy of any police reports – the information in them may be important to your case.

If the other driver does leave, make certain to write down their license plate number, and try to take note of the driver’s physical appearance. If the other driver leaves the scene, you will then be able to describe him to the police.

If any bystanders saw the accident and offer to talk to you, make a note of their contact information in case they do not stay until the police get there. Their testimony may be needed in you have to go to court. 

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It is a good idea to see a physician after any serious accident. The stress of the accident may hide symptoms of an injury. Pre-existing health conditions may become aggravated. If you have any doubts, see your doctor. 

Third, do not permit an insurer to rush you into signing anything, and do not cash any checks from an insurance provider too soon. Insurance companies regularly attempt to settle claims as quickly as they can, which could mean a loss for you. If you settle your claim prematurely, you will forfeit your right to any medical payments down the road. 

Seek the advice of an experienced accident lawyer right away, and you can be sure that your rights will be preserved. 

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You may not feel you need to seek advice from an accident attorney after what seemed to be a minor accident. How can an accident attorney enhance your chances of winning your case? Law firms like Campbell & Associates deal with insurance companies on a daily basis, and know how they function. We have dealt with the same insurance companies many times, and know how to handle each case with each company. 

An accident attorney can also help get insurance companies to pay for your medical expenses or a rental car before your case is settled. A local lawyer will know the area, know the local authorities, and have experience with local insurance adjusters. An accident specialist appreciates what your case is worth, and is ready to fight it. Insurance companies get to know which law firms are not afraid to go to court on behalf of their clients. 

Do not assume that the accident was your fault, and do not admit to the other driver, or to anyone at the scene, that the accident was your fault. The other driver may have been intoxicated of drugs or alcohol, or the light that you recollect as being red may actually have been green or yellow at the time of the accident. Damp or slippery roads may have been a factor in the accident. Your ability to receive payment for your injuries could be lost if you say the wrong thing. 

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