[google-map location=”{Pineville, SC} “]Personal injury lawyers accept a variety of suits for clients.

While vehicle crashes are the most usual areas of personal injury law, personal injuries can also emerge out of defamation, assault, and slip and falls.

Most law offices offer complimentary initial consultations to go over the information surrounding your lawsuit and will advise you about what you should do going forward. 

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If you decide to pursue your case, the attorney you spoke to must also determine whether he or she can and/or should work with you. Attorneys want to guide and fight for you, but there are particular occasions when they must reject representation. Some instances that will cause a lawyer to not represent you include: 

If a legal professional does not think that your claim will be meritorious, he or she is prohibited from filing your lawsuit. The American Bar Association could suspend or disbar an attorney for pursuing lawsuits that no other logical attorney would pursue. Courts must hear claims every weekday and subsequently, do not have the time for lawyers to pursue claims that they recognize will not succeed. Thus, there must be a justifiable chance that you will prevail if an attorney agrees to work with you. 

The reason why a lawyer will ask you when the personal injury happened to you is to determine if you are within the time limitation to file suit. You are required to take legal action within your state’s statute of limitations, or else you will be prevented from filing suit if you surpass the time cap. To put things into perspective, South Carolina limits wrongful death actions to three years.

An attorney will not accept to progress with your case if the statute of limitations for your injury has elapsed without an exception. As a result, it is strongly suggested to reach out to a lawyer as early as possible to be sure that your claim is timely taken care of. 

At times lawyers will not represent you for their individual personal challenges, instead of anything to do with your case. If you determine that you intend to go forward with your legal action, you will need ample guidance, and if a lawyer cannot provide that for you, he or she should not handle your case.

Personal issues can consist of a death in the family, economic decline, or psychological health. Another law practice will possibly be recommended to you if an attorney cannot represent you due to a personal cause. 

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Conflicts of interests can prevent attorneys from representing prospective clients. There can be a conflict of interest, for instance, if the legal professional has a major financial interest in the outcome of your case. A total exposal and signed approval from all the participants that may have a conflict of interest could waive a prospective issue as long as the lawyer will manage to maintain all privileges and discretions. 

Although many lawyers decide to work in one subject matter of law, they are still lawfully permitted to practice in other entirely separate subject matters of the law. For example, family law attorneys can still sue for a client’s personal injury case. Lawyers that choose to pursue a case beyond their area of expertise must be absolutely sure that they can competently represent their clients, however.

Deciding to represent a client outside of an attorney’s dedicated field of law might require the attorney to work on extra reading and research while preparing for the case to make sure that the representation will be high quality. The practice of law differs so much, as there are several areas that a lawyer can choose to pursue, so if one lawyer doesn’t feel comfortable pursuing a certain suit, he or she must not accept to representation. 

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