[google-map location=”{Van Wyck, SC} “]Personal injury attorneys are able to file suit for a variety of causes of action for their clients.

While vehicular crashes are the most common areas of personal injury law, personal injuries can also arise out of defamation, assault, and slip and falls.

Most law practices provide free initial consultations to go over the information surrounding your case and will counsel you about what you should do going forward. 

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If you choose to pursue your claim, the lawyer you spoke to must likewise determine whether he or she can and/or should work with you. Occasionally an attorney must, unfortunately, decline the opportunity to represent you. Here are some reasons that a lawyer might not accept to represent you. 

Legal representatives are restricted from filing a legal action when they strongly believe that it will not be successful. The American Bar Association could suspend or disbar an attorney for pursuing matters that no other reasonable lawyer would pursue. Courts are already busy with several pending lawsuits, so pointless claims waste the courts’ time even more.

Subsequently, lawyers must have reason to conclude that your case will succeed if they decide to go forward with it. 

Attorneys will figure out if you still have time to sue during the initial discussion going over what transpired. You must sue within your state’s statute of limitations, otherwise you will be disallowed from filing suit if you surpass the time limit. To put things into perspective, South Carolina confines wrongful death claims to three years.

If you delay taking legal action and the statute of limitations passes, an attorney will not go forward with your claim unless you fall within a highly limited exception. It cannot be stressed enough that you should call a legal representative immediately after a personal injury so that your case is timely filed. 

Lawyers’ personal problem (s) can also cause them choosing not to represent you. If you decide that you want to advance with your legal action, you will need appropriate guidance, and if a lawyer cannot offer that for you, he or she should not undertake your claim.

In the event that an attorney is far too busy with various other cases and clients and cannot undertake another case or is going through a problematic time, he or she will not have the ability to perform up to standards. Another personal injury law firm will possibly be referred to you if an attorney cannot represent you for a personal reason. 

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If an attorney has a conflict of interest with you or a party associated with your case, it will quite likely hinder representation. There can be a conflict of interest, for example, if the legal representative has a major monetary interest in the outcome of your claim. When there is a conflict of interest, an attorney will only have the ability to represent you if he or she gives you and all other people involved a full disclosure and has all parties sign a written waiver. 

Although many attorneys decide to practice in one subject matter of law, they are still lawfully permitted to practice in other entirely different subject matters of the law. For instance, an estate lawyer can still legally represent a client for a personal injury case. Attorneys that decide to pursue a claim outside of their specialization need to be undoubtedly positive that they can effectively represent their clients, however.

Lawyers may need to work more by reading up on the topic and become more updated and informed if they choose to represent you. This studying would not be billable and would have to be done on the attorney’s own personal time. The practice of law varies so much, as there are several areas that a lawyer can choose to pursue, thus if one attorney doesn’t feel comfortable pursuing a certain case, he or she must not accept to representation. 

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