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Personal injury attorneys handle a large range of suits for clients.

Car crashes, dog bites, and medical malpractice claims all fall under personal injury law, among other claims.

Attorneys will not bill you for your first consultation to go over what occurred and to determine if they can help you. 


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After seeking advice from an attorney and determining to proceed with your claim, the attorney must also decide to accept to represent you. Lawyers want to assist and fight for you, but there are certain occasions when they must decline representation. A lawyer may not have the ability to represent you when: 

Lawyers cannot file claims that they do not think have the potential of being prosperous. Impacts on lawyers include potential fees from the court, having their licenses suspended, and/or even disbarred permanently.

Legal professionals should know better than to waste the courts’ time on unsuccessful claims. Hence, attorneys must have reason to conclude that your case will achieve success if they decide to go forward with it. 

Legal representatives will identify if you still have time to file your claim during the initial examination reviewing what took place. You have to sue within your state’s statute of limitations, otherwise you will be prevented from suing if you go beyond the time limitation.

For example, South Carolina’s statute of limitations for dog bite suits is up to three years. If an attorney finds out that your claim has surpassed the statute of limitations, he or she must not undertake your claim, without an applicable exception. Talking to an attorney as soon as you can is therefore constantly urged so that your lawsuit does not get barred. 

Personal matters may require a legal representative to turn down representing you. If you decide that you want to advance with your suit, you will need appropriate representation, and if a lawyer cannot provide that for you, he or she should not accept your case.

Personal matters might involve a death in the family, fiscal decline, or mental well-being. Another law practice will possibly be recommended to you if an attorney cannot represent you for a personal reason. 

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Attorneys are not authorized to represent a client when there is a conflict of interest. There are several circumstances where there could be a conflict of interest, such as being required to uncover privileged information if the attorney were to accept to take on your case.

When there is a conflict of interest, a legal professional will only be able to represent you if he or she provides you and all other individuals involved a total disclosure and has all participants sign a written waiver. 

Despite specializing in one field of law, licensed attorneys can still practice other fields. An attorney can work in criminal defense and also sue for a civil personal injury suit without breaking any guidelines. However, the American Bar Association requires that attorneys are competent and confident in their ability to do so.

This can require additional learning and research on the attorney’s personal time and money. A lawyer may decline representation if they do not think that they can satisfactorily represent a client in a field of law that they are not familiar with. 

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You can be confident that the experienced attorneys at Campbell and Associates will be able to represent your meritorious personal injury case. Call us today at: 704-326-7243. The initial consultation to determine whether you have a possibly successful case is always free, so you have absolutely nothing to lose for reaching out to us.