[google-map location=”{Rhodhiss, NC} “]There are various areas of personal injury law that a legal professional can represent you for.

Whether you were hurt in an automobile collision, slip and fall, or dangerous pet incident, it is always encouraged to speak to a legal professional prior to talking to insurance companies or choosing not to sue.

Speaking with an attorney following a personal injury for a free consultation will ensure that the critical facts are stated while they are fresh in your mind. 

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After seeking advice from a lawyer and choosing to proceed with your claim, the attorney must also choose to accept to represent you. Occasionally a lawyer must, unfortunately, decline the chance to work for you. An attorney may not be able to represent you when: 

Legal representatives are disallowed from filing a suit when they know that it will not be successful. Attorneys could incur penalty costs and lose their licenses if they file a lawsuit without considering its potential. Lawyers should know better than to waste the courts’ time on merit-less suits. Hence, your attorney must logically trust that you have a favorable case before pursuing with the case. 

Lawyers will ask you several questions throughout your first consultation with them to find out about all the essential facts of your lawsuit, such as the date the injury transpired. States have established statute of limitations setting forth how much time you have to file a claim before the court will bar your personal injury claim.

As an example, South Carolina’s statute of limitations for dog bite legal actions cannot exceed three years. If you wait to file suit and the statute of limitations elapses, a lawyer will not go forward with your claim unless you fall within one of the minimal exceptions. This is why it is consistently recommended to speak to a lawyer rather quickly after a personal injury. 

Sometimes attorneys will not represent you for their individual personal challenges, instead of anything to do with your case. Rightfully so, if a lawyer cannot provide you with the level of representation that you need, he or she should not agree to represent you.

If an attorney is significantly too busy with other suits and clients and cannot accept another case or is experiencing a problematic time, he or she will not be capable to perform up to standards. Another law practice will possibly be recommended to you if an attorney cannot represent you for a personal reason. 

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Conflicts of interests can prevent lawyers from representing potential clients. A conflict of interest could arise from several predicaments consisting of an opposing person being an existing or past client, having a personal interest in the outcome of the claim, and chancing going against the attorney-client privilege, among other potential problems. Conflicts of interests may be waived solely by an endorsed writing from all the parties after discussing the full extent of the conflict. 

Although many lawyers opt to work in one subject matter of law, they are still legally permitted to practice in other entirely separate subject matters of the law. Tax lawyers can nonetheless file suit for a client’s personal injury claim, for example. Attorneys that choose to pursue a claim beyond their specialty area need to be absolutely positive that they can represent their clients, however.

Deciding to represent a client beyond a lawyer’s dedicated field of law can require the lawyer to work on supplementary studying and online research while planning for the suit to make sure that the legal representation will be top quality. The practice of law changes a lot, as there are various areas that a lawyer can decide to pursue, so if one lawyer doesn’t feel confident pursuing a particular suit, he or she must decline representation. 

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