[google-map location=”{Fort Mill, SC} “]There are many different areas of personal injury law that a lawyer can work with you for.

While automotive accidents are the most common areas of personal injury law, personal injuries can also emerge from defamation, assault, and slip and falls.

The first consultation with lawyers is usually always free of charge to you, so calling a lawyer following a personal injury is risk-free. 

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If you decide to pursue your suit, the personal injury attorney you talked with must also determine whether he or she can and/or should work with you. Occasionally an attorney must, unfortunately, turn down the chance to represent you. Some instances that will oblige a lawyer to not represent you include: 

If a legal representative does not conclude that your claim will be successful, he or she is prohibited from filing your suit. A court could impose sanctions and have lawyers suspended or disbarred if they pursue lawsuits that they conclude will fail. Courts are already busy with many pending claims, so frivolous legal actions waste the courts’ time even more. Accordingly, there must be a realistic chance that you will prevail if a legal professional accepts to work with you. 

During initial consultations, lawyers will inquire when the injury happened to figure out if you still have the opportunity to take legal action. States have enacted statute of limitations describing the amount of time you have to file suit before the court will bar your personal injury claim. For example, South Carolina’s statute of limitations for dog bite lawsuits cannot exceed three years.

An attorney should not agree to progress with your suit if the statute of limitations for your personal injury has gone by in the absence of an exception. It cannot be stressed enough that you should contact an attorney promptly following a personal injury so that your case is timely filed. 

Attorneys occasionally might not be able to undertake your case for personal causes. If you conclude that you want to go forward with your claim, you will need appropriate advice, and if a lawyer cannot provide that for you, he or she must not accept your claim. Some personal issues include time constraints, being on sick leave, or holiday. Another law firm will likely be recommended to you if an attorney cannot represent you for a personal reason. 

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If an attorney has a conflict of interest with you or a participant included in your case, it will likely deter representation. There are a number of situations where there could be a conflict of interest, including being required to release privileged information if the attorney were to accept to take on your case.

A full disclosure and signed consent from all the participants that may have a conflict of interest could renounce a potential issue so long as the lawyer will have the ability to uphold all privileges. 

Although many lawyers opt to work in one subject matter of law, they are still legitimately permitted to practice in other completely different subjects of the law. An attorney can practice in criminal defense and also file a civil personal injury suit without breaking any laws. However, the American Bar Association obliges that lawyers are knowledgeable and sure in their capability to do so.

Deciding to represent a client beyond an attorney’s dedicated field of law can require the lawyer to undertake added analysis and online research while planning for the case to make sure that the legal representation will be high quality. The practice of law changes so much, as there are several areas that a lawyer can choose to pursue, so if one lawyer doesn’t feel comfortable pursuing a certain suit, he or she must not accept to representation. 

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