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The accidental death of a loved one is devastating. It can be particularly difficult if a negligent individual or agency is to blame, or if it happened at work. 

Pursuing restitution can enable the family to recover economically.

The wrongful death lawyers at Campbell & Associates will work doggedly to get your family the settlement they need. 


Wrongful Death Attorney In Oakboro

A death caused by the thoughtless or willful act of another is referred to as a “wrongful death.” Many scenarios may lead to a wrongful death suit: motor vehicle accidents, accidents on the job, medical malpractice, and even homicides. Wrongful death claims require specialized training and experience, and we are honored to bring the necessary skills to your case. 

In the middle of this challenging time, looking into your legal options could be the last thing on your mind. You ought to know your rights, though. If you have a professional you trust working on your behalf, you can concentrate on the well-being of your family.

Oakboro Accidental Death Legal Professionals

Our wrongful death attorneys are ready and able to get to work on your behalf, pursuing compensation for mental anguish, loss of companionship, lost past and future income, and your loved one’s pain and suffering. There are time limits on wrongful death actions, so it is necessary to act quickly. 

Throughout our many years of practice, we have helped many people who were experiencing exactly what you are experiencing. If your family member has died because of someone else’s carelessness, we can start today working to preserve evidence, identify witnesses, and secure important documents that will enable us to build a case. Our mission is to get you wrongful-death damages through settlement, litigation, or trial. 

Wrongful Death Attorneys Near Me

At Campbell & Associates, we promise to treat you as we would hope others to treat us. You and your case are valuable to us, and we aim to prove that to you every day. We will keep you informed, answer your questions, and make sure you know your options. Keep in mind that you will not owe us any attorney’s fees unless we negotiate a settlement or win an award for you. We understand that this is not an easy time for you and we strive to eliminate any unnecessary anxiety along the way. 

Our consultations are free– call us today at (704) 333-0885.