[google-map location=”{Newton, NC} “]There are various areas of personal injury law that a legal professional can work with you for.

Vehicle accidents, pet attacks, and medical malpractice claims, among other claims, all fall under personal injury law.

Attorneys will not charge you for your first consultation to review what happened and to establish if they can assist you. 


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Attorneys must also agree to represent you once you ultimately decide to take legal action. In some instances, a lawyer must, unfortunately, decline the opportunity to represent you. Some scenarios that will oblige an attorney to not represent you include: 

Legal practitioners are restricted from filing a claim when they think that it will not be meritorious. Consequences to legal professionals involve potential sanctions from the court, having their licenses suspended, and/or even disbarred permanently. Lawyers should know better than to waste the courts’ time on unsuccessful lawsuits. Hence, your lawyer must intelligently trust that you have a good case before pursuing with the lawsuit. 

Legal representatives will ask you several inquiries throughout your first evaluation with them to learn all the pertinent details of your potential suit, including when the injury happened. You must take legal action within your state’s statute of limitations, otherwise you will be prevented from filing suit if you surpass the time cap.

For instance, you have up to three years to take action for a slip and fall in South Carolina. Even though there are certain exceptions that would let you sue if you surpass the statute of limitations, a lawyer will not represent you if excessive time has elapsed and no such exception applies. It cannot be stressed enough that you should call an attorney right away following a personal injury so that your case is timely filed. 

Occasionally, lawyers will not represent you for their own personal matters, rather than anything to do with your claim. When you’re fighting for your case and compensation, you need the top representation obtainable, so a lawyer should not take on your claim if he or she concludes that he or she can’t produce that top representation.

These personal problems can consist of money, family, or emotional issues, being morally opposed, or not having suitable time. If an attorney is unable to represent you for personal explanations, he or she will probably have the ability to recommend you to another law firm in that area of law so no matter what, you will not lose your time for reaching out to an attorney. 

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Conflicts of interests can prevent lawyers from representing interested clients. There are numerous circumstances where there can be a conflict of interest, such as being required to expose privileged information if the attorney were to accept to take on your claim. A total uncovering and endorsed approval from all the parties that may have a conflict of interest could remove a potential problem as long as the lawyer will manage to uphold all discretions. 

Regardless of specializing in one area of law, licensed attorneys can still practice in other fields. For example, a probate attorney can still lawfully represent a client for a personal injury claim. Attorneys that choose to pursue a claim beyond their field of expertise need to be unquestionably sure that they can effectively represent their clients, however.

Deciding to represent a client outside of an attorney’s specialized field of law can require the lawyer to do extra reading and online research while preparing for the claim to make sure that the representation will be high quality. A lawyer may turn down representation if they do not believe that they can satisfactorily represent a client in a field of law that they are not familiar with. 

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