[google-map location=”{Monroe, NC} “]Personal injury attorneys undertake a large range of cases for clients.

Car accidents, dog attacks, and medical malpractice claims all fall under personal injury law, among other claims.

Most law firms offer complimentary initial consultations to evaluate the information surrounding your lawsuit and will advise you about what you should do going forward. 

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If you choose to pursue your suit, the lawyer you talked to must also determine whether he or she can and/or should represent you. Attorneys want to assist and fight for you, but there are certain times when they must reject representation. Here are some reasons that a lawyer might not agree to represent you. 

Legal representatives are precluded from filing a claim when they conclude that it will not be successful. Attorneys could incur penalty charges as well as lose their licenses if they file a lawsuit without analyzing its potential. Courts will not hear frivolous claims, and attorneys are not allowed to waste the courts’ time. Hence, your attorney must logically conclude that you have a good case prior to pursuing legal action. 

The reason why an attorney will ask you when the injury happened to you is to establish whether you are within the time limitation to sue. Every state has its own statute of limitations that sets forth the maximum period of time that can pass before your claim is barred. For instance, you have up to three years to file suit for a slip and fall in South Carolina.

If a lawyer finds out that your claim has exceeded the statute of limitations, he or she should not undertake your case, absent an applicable exception. It cannot be emphasized enough that you should contact an attorney promptly after a personal injury so that your case is timely filed. 

Occasionally lawyers will not represent you for their own personal problems, instead of something to do with your particular claim. If you decide that you intend to go forward with your case, you will need ample representation, and if a lawyer cannot provide that for you, he or she must not undertake your claim.

These personal matters might involve money, family, or sentimental matters, being morally opposed, or maybe not having enough time. A different law firm will likely be recommended to you if a lawyer cannot represent you for a personal reason. 

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If an attorney has a conflict of interest with you or a person included in your case, it will potentially hinder representation. A conflict of interest could develop from a number of predicaments involving an opposing individual being an existing or past client, having a personal interest in the outcome of the case, and chancing breaching the attorney-client privilege, among other feasible situations.

When there is a conflict of interest, a legal representative will only be able to represent you if he or she presents you and all other people involved a full disclosure and has all individuals sign a written waiver. 

As long as an attorney is licensed and sworn in, he or she can represent a client in multiple fields of the law. For example, a probate attorney can still lawfully file suit for a personal injury case. A lawyer must, however, familiarize his or herself with the applicable rules and be certain that he or she can take on this type of claim.

Carefully reading up on the topic matter and being very accustomed to the area of law may necessitate time and money on the attorney’s own bank account. The practice of law varies so much, as there are several areas that a lawyer can decide to pursue, so if one lawyer doesn’t feel confident pursuing a certain suit, he or she must decline representation. 

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