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Being in a serious car accident is a traumatic, often life-altering experience, especially if you or a family member was hurt. Being advised of your rights after an accident can help make the experience much less stressful.

You should always stay at the scene of an accident until the authorities arrive. Data from a police report may prove beneficial later on, so wait for the police to get there, even if the other driver leaves.

If you are able, get the license plate number of the other car, and try to take note some details about the driver’s appearance. It may be necessary to establish who was driving the other vehicle.

If any witnesses to the accident come up to you, write down their information. Information from witnesses who were not involved in the accident may prove beneficial in settlement negotiations or a trial.

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It is recommended to see a doctor after any serious accident. Sometimes, symptoms of soft tissue injuries do not show up until several hours or even days after an accident. Pre-existing health conditions may become aggravated. If you have any doubts, see your doctor.

You should be careful not to cash any checks or sign any papers until you know your rights. Insurance companies often attempt to settle claims as soon as they can, which could mean a loss for you. As soon as your claim has been settled, you forfeit the right to seek any payment later, even if your injuries require additional medical treatment.

The best way to preserve your rights and guarantee that your case is managed effectively is to consult an accident attorney.

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You may not feel you need to consult an car accident lawyer after what seemed to be a minor accident. You may assume your case is simple and you do not need a lawyer. You may find that an attorney can help you, even if your case appears straightforward. Law firms like Campbell & Associates deal with insurance companies every day, and understand how they function. Different insurers may respond to different strategies, and we are familiar with most of them.

An accident lawyer can also help get insurance companies to pay for your medical expenses or a rental car before your case is settled. Look for a local attorney who knows the area, and knows the insurance adjusters who will be managing your case. An accident specialist recognizes what your case is worth, and is willing to fight for it. Insurance companies get to know which law firms are prepared and willing to fight the case in court if necessary.

Do not assume that the accident was your fault, and do not acknowledge to the other driver, or to anyone at the scene, that the accident was your fault. You do not know if drugs or alcohol were involved, and you may not clearly remember certain facts, such as the color of a stoplight. There may even have been other drivers involved that you did not even observe. A hasty declaration of fault could harm you in the future.

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