[google-map location=”{Lando, SC} “]Personal injury law consists of a range of many different claims that lawyers can pursue for their clients.

Car collisions, pet attacks, and medical malpractice claims all fall under personal injury law, among other claims.

Most law firms offer complimentary initial consultations to evaluate the information surrounding your lawsuit and will advise you about what you should do next. 

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If you decide to pursue your claim, the attorney you spoke to must likewise determine whether he or she can and/or should work with you. Attorneys will usually want and can represent you, but there are some circumstances where a lawyer may have to decline representation. Here are some reasons why an attorney might not accept to represent you. 

When legal professionals believe that a claim is going to be ineffective, they must not pursue a claim. Lawyers could incur penalty fees and even lose their licenses if they file a case without considering its possibility of success.

Courts are already overcrowded with plenty of pending legal actions, so frivolous legal actions waste the courts’ time even more. Thus, there must be a reasonable probability that you will prevail if an attorney accepts to work with you. 

Legal professionals will identify if you still have time to file suit during the initial conversation reviewing what occurred. States have enacted statute of limitations setting forth how much time you have to sue before the court bars your personal injury claim. For example, in South Carolina, people have up to three years to sue for a car crash, otherwise, a court will not hear the action.

If you wait to sue and the statute of limitations elapses, a lawyer will not file your suit unless you fall within a highly limited exception. It cannot be emphasized enough that you should call a lawyer immediately following a personal injury so that your claim is timely filed. 

Personal concerns can compel a lawyer to turn down working for you. You need to have the best representation that you can obtain, so if an attorney cannot deliver that for you, then he or she needs to take a step back from assisting you.

Personal issues may involve a death in the family, monetary loss, or psychological health. If that is the claim, an attorney will likely have the ability to recommend you to a different capable attorney that will be well-equipped. 

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An attorney is not allowed to work for a client when there is a conflict of interest. For example, if an attorney knows information about a person involved in the case that would require breaking the attorney-client privilege, this would be a conflict of interest.

A total exposal and endorsed approval from all the participants that may have a conflict of interest could remove a prospective complication so long as the lawyer will be capable to maintain all privileges and discretions. 

A licensed lawyer is allowed to practice in every one of the various fields of law. An attorney who focuses on commercial business law can also represent clients for their personal injury claims.

An attorney needs to, however, accustom his or herself with the pertinent rules and be certain that he or she can take on this type of case. Carefully studying the topic matter and becoming very familiar with the area of law can call for time and money on the attorney’s own personal account.

With many vastly different areas of the law, it is exceedingly difficult to be adept in every area. Therefore, if a lawyer does not feel as if they can successfully represent you in the specific area of law that you need representation for, he or she must turn down the representation. 

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