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Experiencing a serious car accident is a traumatic, sometimes life-altering experience, especially if you or a loved one was hurt. Knowing your rights and options after an accident can relieve some of the stress of the experience. 

To begin with, do not leave the location of the accident, even if the other driver offers to exchange information with you. Wait for the authorities to arrive and let them file an accident report.

A police report will contain important facts that may help prove that you were not responsible for the accident. If you are able, get the license plate number of the other car, and try to note some details about the driver’s appearance.

This will help prove who was actually driving if the driver takes off before the authorities get there. If any eyewitnesses to the accident come up to you, write down their information. Statements from impartial eyewitnesses may be critical in the future. 

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Second, do not assume you are uninjured if you do not immediately feel pain or discomfort. The stress of the accident may mask symptoms of an injury Pre-existing conditions may become aggravated. Do not hesitate to see a doctor if you think you may have been injured. 

If the insurance company asks you to sign anything, or offers a check right away, do not be in a rush to accept. Insurance companies regularly attempt to settle claims as quickly as they can, which might mean a big loss for you. Once your claim has been settled, you relinquish the ability to seek any payment later, even if your injuries require additional medical treatment. 

Seek the advice of an experienced accident attorney without delay, and you can be confident that your rights will be preserved. 

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Some people wonder if they really need to consult an accident lawyer if they are not seriously injured. How can an accident attorney enhance your chances of winning your case? The law firm of Campbell & Associates has many years’ experience in the field of accident law, and has dealt with most insurance companies many times. We know which strategies work best for which companies. 

Your lawyer may be able to get financial assistance immediately, without endangering your case in the future. Look for a local attorney who knows the area, and knows the insurance adjusters who will be handling your case. An accident specialist recognizes what your case is worth, and is willing to battle the insurance company in court if necessary. Insurance companies know and respect law firms are not afraid to meet them in court. 

Do not conclude that the accident was your fault, and do not admit to the other driver, or to anyone at the scene, that the accident was your fault. You may recall seeing a red light when, actually, the light was yellow; you may not be aware that the other driver was texting, or that the other driver was intoxicated of drugs or alcohol. Wet or slippery roads may have been a variable in the accident. Your chance to receive compensation for your injuries may be lost if you say the wrong thing. 

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