[google-map location=”{Granite Falls, NC} “]There are various areas of personal injury law that a legal professional can work with you for.

Motor vehicle accidents, pet attacks, and medical malpractice claims all fall under personal injury law, among other claims.

Getting in touch with an attorney following a personal injury for a free consultation will make sure that the important facts are described while they are fresh in your mind. 

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If you decide to pursue your claim, the attorney you spoke to must likewise determine whether he or she can and/or should represent you. In most cases, attorneys will be prepared to work with you, but in some circumstances, they may not be capable to. Some situations that will require an attorney to not represent you include: 

Attorneys cannot file cases that they do not conclude have the possibility of prospering. The American Bar Association could suspend or disbar an attorney for pursuing matters that no other logical attorney would pursue. Legal practitioners should know better than to waste the courts’ time on frivolous lawsuits. Subsequently, a licensed attorney must have an authentic and reasonable belief that your claim will prevail when accepting to represent you. 

The reason why a lawyer will ask you when the personal injury happened to you is to know whether you are within the time limit to file suit. You are required to file suit within your state’s statute of limitations, or else you will be prevented from suing if you exceed the time cap. As an example, in South Carolina, people have up to three years to file suit for a vehicle wreck, or else a court will not listen to the case.

An attorney will not accept to progress with your case if the statute of limitations for your injury has passed in the absence of an exception. This is precisely why it is always recommended to talk to a legal representative rather quickly following a personal injury. 

Personal matters might force a lawyer to turn down working for you. You need to have the best representation that you can receive, so if a lawyer cannot deliver that for you, then he or she should take a step back from working for you. Some personal issues can include time limitations, being unwell, or time off. A different law practice will likely be recommended to you if an attorney cannot represent you for a personal reason. 

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Legal professionals will not be capable to represent you if they have a conflict of interest with you. If an opposing person is an existing or former client of the attorney, for instance, there would be a conflict of interest because the attorney would already know related information about that person that would be shielded by the attorney-client privilege and potentially exposed.

A complete disclosure and signed approval from all the participants that may have a conflict of interest could remove a possible complication as long as the attorney will be capable to uphold all privileges. 

A licensed lawyer is allowed to practice in all the separate areas of law. For instance, a real property lawyer can still lawfully file a personal injury claim. An attorney must, however, familiarize his or herself with the applicable rules and be certain that he or she can handle this sort of case.

This can necessitate supplemental learning and research on the attorney’s own time and money. An attorney may turn down representation if they do not believe that they can adequately represent a client in a field of law that they are unfamiliar with. 

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