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Any auto accident may be scary, but when you are injured, it can be far worse. Being aware of your rights following an accident can help make the experience much less nerve-racking. 

You may exchange insurance information with the other driver, but do not acknowledge fault, and do not leave before the authorities arrive. Information from a police report may prove valuable later on, so wait for the authorities to get there, even if the other driver leaves.

If the other driver does leave, make certain to write down their license plate number, and try to take note of the driver’s appearance. It may be important to show who was driving the other vehicle.

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If any onlookers saw the accident and offer to talk to you, jot down their contact information just in case they do not stay until the police get there. Their testimony may be needed in you have to go to court. 

It is recommended to see a physician after any serious accident. The stress of the accident may disguise symptoms of an injury Pre-existing conditions may become aggravated. If you have any doubts, see your doctor. 

Third, do not let an insurance company rush you into signing anything, and do not cash any checks from an insurance provider prematurely. Insurance companies often try to settle claims as soon as they can, which might mean a big loss for you. If you settle your claim too soon, you will forfeit your right to any medical payments down the road. 

Seek the advice of an experienced accident attorney as soon as possible, and you can be confident that your rights will be protected. 

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Some people wonder if they really should consult an accident attorney if they are not seriously injured. There are several reasons why seeking advice from an experienced accident lawyer will really help you. Law firms like Campbell & Associates tackle insurance companies every day and know how they function. Different insurers may respond to different approaches, and we know them all. 

An accident attorney can also help get insurance companies to pay for your medical expenses or a rental car even before your case is settled. Look for a local lawyer who knows the area, and knows the insurance adjusters who will be managing your case. Remember that insurance carriers get to know over time which attorneys are prepared to go to court if necessary, and which inclined to settle for less. 

You may not recognize all the variables leading to an accident, so it is never recommended to admit fault to anyone. You may remember seeing a red light when, in fact, the light was yellow; you may not realize that the other driver was texting, or that the other driver was intoxicated of drugs or alcohol. There may even have been other drivers involved that you did not even observe. Taking on responsibility in the heat of the moment could cost you a great deal. 

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