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According to the U.S. Department of labor, almost 3 million individuals were hurt or became sick in work-related accidents in 2016. In the same year, 5,190 people were killed at work.

A job-related injury may be devastating to the individual and his family– hospital expenses, loss of wages, and sometimes lifelong disability may force a family into bankruptcy.

Understanding your rights before you are injured at work can protect your family from economic ruin.

Most businesses that hire two or more employees are mandated to provide worker’s compensation insurance.

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Before you file a worker’s compensation claim, you should know if you are deemed an “employee” for purposes of coverage. You are not covered if you are:

  • The owner of a business
  • An independent contractor (you receive a Form 1099 at the end of the tax year).
  • A farm worker
  • A maritime employee
  • A railroad worker
  • A volunteer
  • A worker in a personal home, such as a childcare professional or maid for a household

If you do fit into one of the above categories and are hurt on duty, there may be alternative alternatives available to you for damages. An accident lawyer will be able to advise you of your rights. A lawyer near you will be able to advise you of your rights under the worker’s compensation laws in North Carolina.

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You may not know that your accident is covered by worker’s compensation.Some accidents or injuries taking place outside the job site could be covered, if you were on duty when the accident happened.

Worker’s compensation insurance coverage could be available to you even if you were partially responsible for a work-related accident.You may be covered for diseases or injuries that develop over time, such as tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back injuries.

Worker’s compensation insurance covers more than just medical expenses; it can also cover lost earnings, compensation for permanent impairment, job training for workers unable to go back to their former jobs, and survivor benefits for family members of workers killed on the job, or who died from work-related illnesses.

Worker’s compensation providers, like all insurance companies, will be seeking ways to minimize the number of benefits they must pay. Your worker’s compensation carrier may try to restrict or deny your claim entirely. A worker’s compensation lawyer can help you receive the benefits due to you after an accident or illness.

You may also find that your employer attempts to reprimand or even fire you if you file a claim; a worker’s compensation attorney can help if you find yourself in that situation.

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If your injury or illness was caused by your employer’s carelessness, you may have other options for recovery. Do not make such an important decision, however, without seeking advice from a lawyer who is experienced both in worker’s compensation and in accident law. The law firm of Campbell & Associates offers free consultations if you or a family member has been injured at work. Call us today at 704-333-0885.