[google-map location=”{Edgemoor, SC} “]Personal injury attorneys accept a large range of suits for clients.

While car accidents are one of the most usual areas of personal injury law, personal injuries can also emerge from defamation, assault, and slip and falls.

Attorneys will not bill you for your first consultation to go over what happened and to determine if they can help you. 


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Following the initial consultation and upon your choice to file suit, attorneys are subsequently left with the decision whether they will represent you. Lawyers want to help and fight for you, but there are particular times when they must turn down representation. Here are some circumstances when attorneys may have to excuse themselves from representation. 

Legal representatives are prohibited from filing a suit when they are convinced that it will not be meritorious. Lawyers could incur penalty charges as well as lose their licenses if they file a lawsuit without analyzing its merits. Courts will not hear frivolous cases, and attorneys are not permitted to waste the courts’ time. Thus, there must be a reasonable probability that you will succeed if a lawyer agrees to represent you. 

During initial consultations, attorneys will ask when the injury occurred to establish if you still have time to file suit. If you wait too long to file a claim, your personal injury claim could be barred by your state’s statute of limitations. To put things into context, South Carolina confines wrongful death suits to three years.

If a lawyer establishes that your claim has exceeded the statute of limitations, he or she must not take on your case, absent an applicable exception. For that reason, it is strongly urged to speak to a lawyer as soon as you can to ensure that your claim is timely taken care of. 

Sometimes attorneys will not represent you for their own personal challenges, instead of anything to do with your claim. You want to have the most effective representation that you can receive, so if a personal injury lawyer cannot deliver that for you, then he or she should step back from working for you.

These personal concerns could consist of economic, family, or emotional concerns, being morally opposed, or not having sufficient time. A different law practice will possibly be recommended to you if an attorney cannot represent you due to a personal cause. 

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Legal professionals will not be capable to represent you if they have a conflict of interest with you, an opposing party, or your claim. There are a variety of scenarios where there could be a conflict of interest, namely being required to uncover privileged information if the attorney were to agree to take on your case.

When there is a conflict of interest, an attorney will only be able to represent you if he or she presents you and all other participants involved a full disclosure and has all participants sign a written waiver. 

A licensed lawyer is permitted to practice in every one of the various fields of law. As an example, a real property attorney can still legally represent a client for a personal injury claim. Even so, the American Bar Association demands that attorneys are seasoned and sure in their ability to do so. Attorneys may need to work harder by reading up on the topic and become more current and accustomed if they decide to do so.

This research would not be billable and would have to be taken care of on the attorney’s own personal time. It is close to impossible to be proficient in all areas of the law, so if a lawyer doesn’t feel capable in the field of law that you need to file suit in, he or she may recommend you to another law firm who is well-seasoned in that field. 

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