[google-map location=”{Rutherford College, NC} “] After you are hurt in a dog bite accident, you will have various actions to consider. You should rightfully be compensated for your injuries, and our attorneys at Campbell and Associates can assist.

Our legal professionals will examine your distinct case and circumstances during a cost-free preliminary consultation to advise you on your options and whether you may have a successful claim. We can start working on your case immediately after you contact us. 

The legal claim, negligence, requires that everybody owes a duty to act as a reasonably prudent person and protect others from unreasonable risks. Personal injury attorneys are capable to explain the elements of negligence and whether you have will likely have a successful case based on those elements.


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You may be owed a higher or lower standard of care by a dog owner depending on your status as an invitee, licensee, or trespasser. Our attorneys can look into your case to find out exactly what your status is and whether the dog owner of the dog breached his or her duty to you. You should choose a legal representative in your location to ensure that he or she can explain to you your jurisdiction’s pertinent law. 

Laws vary from state to state for injuries caused by animals. Regardless if the owner was vigilant or not, owners of wild animals are usually strictly liable for any injuries caused by such wild animals. Dogs are considered domestic. Strict liability is ordinarily not applied to domestic animal owners that have no reason to know that they have a dangerous pet.

The origination of all these various dog bite statutes commenced from the “one-bite” rule. After the first time that a dog bites and harms a person, the one-bite rule states that the owner of that dog is now deemed to know that their dog is dangerous and will be responsible for future injuries of that same nature. These days, many states have enacted dog bite statutes that have completely or slightly differed from the common law one-bite rule. 


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The dog bite laws for North Carolina are located in Chapter 67 of the North Carolina General Statutes. Owners of “dangerous dogs” are the only dog owners that can have strict liability enforced upon them. Depending upon whether a dog injured you, another animal, or inflicted damage on your property, the owners will be held liable if they knew of their dog’s dangerous propensities. Causing injury to others previously and behaving in a savage way can show that a dog is dangerous. Owners with knowledge of their dogs’ dangerous propensities must safeguard the public from their dogs. 

When a dog severely injures you in North Carolina, then it is “dangerous.” If a dog bite causes you to have damaged bones and/or lesions it is a severe injury. Owners of dangerous dogs are not allowed to leave their pets outdoors unattended or unrestrained. Moreover, it is not permitted to have dangerous dogs leave their owner’s private property without being restrained or muzzled. 

Dog bites can wind up being considerably pricey because medical care is very expensive. Whether your injury was minor or severe, medical costs can sometimes cost you over what you can pay for. You will need additional medical attention if the dog that injured you had rabies, for example. You should not have to cover someone else’s thoughtlessness when you did nothing to provoke or incite an injury. A dog bite injury is not something that you should tackle without the ample legal assistance that you should have to assist you to receive the compensation that you need. 


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If you believe that the owner of the dog that injured you was negligent or that the dog was dangerous, then you may have a case against the owner. The statute of limitations for dog bites is three years in North Carolina, so it is vital to begin case proceedings as soon as possible. Do not wait to contact our attorneys at Campbell & Associates to see what we can do for you. Call us at 704-769-2316 for a no-cost case evaluation.