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We depend on trucks and tractor-trailers to supply the products we use each day. With so many trucks on the road, traffic collisions are bound to happen.

Given their size and weight, trucks are particularly hazardous in an accident– according to the National Highway and Safety Administration, 73% of people killed in accidents involving large trucks were occupants of the other vehicles, and 81% of the fatal accidents involving trucks were multiple vehicle incidents.

Surprisingly, a majority of casualties involving trucks happened in non-urban areas (61%). If you or a loved one is involved in an accident with a truck or tractor-trailer, you may find that knowing some of the information in this article can help.


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Following any accident, things may happen very fast… The owner of a commercial truck will immediately start their investigation by assembling a team of accident investigators. They will search for skid marks on the road, take photos of the accident scene, interview witnesses, and gather data from the “black box” computer that many trucks carry.

This on-board computer may include details about the truck’s rate of speed, mechanical condition, and other factors which could have precipitated an accident. The trucking company and their insurance company are not obligated to share this information with you, so it is crucial to have your own team of professionals to compile this data.

A law firm with knowledge in truck accidents will have its own trained investigators primed to get to the scene of an accident before crucial evidence is lost. Do not think that the police report will have all of the information you may require to prove your case.

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All interstate commercial truck drivers are monitored by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which regulates all facets of commercial trucking, encompassing drug and alcohol screening, hazardous materials transport, training and licensing of commercial truck drivers, and insurance requirements for trucking companies. Commercial truck drivers have to comply with all federal and state laws at all times. Documentation of a violation of any of these procedures may be important to proving your case. Drivers often ignore rules regarding the number of hours they are allowed to drive without a break. Including breaks, commercial drivers may not log more than 14 continuous hours. Drivers are required to have 10 off-duty hours after a 14 hour shift. Drivers ought to have log books to record their hours, but the books may be neglected or perhaps faked. A driver who is tired can be as unsafe as a drunk driver can. After a truck accident, it is very important to gain access to the driver’s log book, and to talk to witnesses who might have information about the length of time the driver had been on the road.

Hazardous materials can bring about additional complications after the initial accident. Improper storage or handling of hazardous materials may lead to explosions, chemical spills, or other problems.

Commercial vehicles, like all motor vehicles, must successfully pass periodic safety inspections. After an accident, it may be necessary to inspect the truck’s safety inspection reports, and to re-inspect the truck for defective equipment.

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After you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you will be more preoccupied with your immediate medical and economic concerns to worry about these details. Let the professionals at Campbell & Associates handle these details while you focus on your recovery. We are available for a free consultation at 704-333-0885.