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Although motorcycles are not necessarily responsible for an inordinate number of collisions, incidents involving motorcycles can be more dangerous.

The National Center for Statistics and Analysis reports that operators of motorcycles accounted for 14 percent of all vehicle driver deaths in 2016. Including both operators and passengers, the number increases to 17 percent. 


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Traffic collisions killed 5,286 motorcyclists in 2016. Per registered vehicle, the fatality rate for motorcyclists was six times the mortality rate for passenger-car occupants. The most frequent scenario for accidents between motorcycles and other vehicles involved the other vehicle turning left while the motorcycle was passing or going straight. 

Helmet laws, specialized training and licensing, and responsible driving all lower the risk of motorcycle crashes, but even the most vigilant driver can be hurt or killed in an accident. Even the best driver cannot avoid all perils of the road– bad weather conditions, poor road conditions, and, the most dangerous variable of all: other drivers.

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Drivers of motorcycles must always watch for other vehicles, and assume that the drivers of those vehicles are not on the lookout for a motorcycle. The standard piece of advice, “Drive all of the cars on the road in addition to your own,” is especially pertinent to motorcycles. The operator of a motorcycle is the one most apt to suffer in a crash. While we cannot ease your physical discomfort, we can work hard to get you and your loved ones the compensation you are entitled to. 

Motorcycle accident lawyers in North Carolina understand the risks and the needs of their clients. How can you afford to pay the medical expenses from the accident, in addition to your ordinary expenses, when you are missing work? We will put our team to work to lessen some of your financial burdens. 

Speak with a motorcycle accident attorney right now to go over your options. You may be eligible to recover damages for your medical bills, property damage, loss of earnings while recuperating, and your pain and suffering. If you are permanently injured or disabled, you may be entitled to compensation for job training, loss of future earnings, and potential medical expenses. 

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The experts at Campbell & Associates will work on getting you the money you need while you work on recovering. We realize that each person is different, and should be treated as an individual. We will keep you updated at all times, and will be receptive to your concerns. 

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