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Experiencing a serious car accident is a stressful, often life-changing experience, especially if you or a loved one has been hurt. Understanding your rights and options following an accident can reduce some of the strain of the experience.

You may exchange insurance information with the other driver, but do not acknowledge negligence, and do not leave before the police get there. Wait for the police to come and let them file an accident report.

A police report will include vital information that may help show that you were not responsible. If the other driver does leave, make sure to write down their license plate number, and try to take note of the driver’s appearance.

This will help establish who was actually at the wheel if the driver takes off before the police show up.

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If any bystanders saw the accident and offer to talk to you, write down their contact information in the event they do not stay until the police arrive. Information from witnesses who were not involved in the accident may prove important in settlement discussions or a trial.

It is a good idea to see a physician after any serious accident. Frequently, symptoms of soft tissue injuries do not appear until several hours or even days after an accident.

Pre-existing conditions may become aggravated. If you believe you might have sustained a soft tissue injury, or any injury, do not hesitate to seek medical treatment.

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Third, do not permit an insurance company to rush you into signing anything, and do not cash any checks from an insurance provider prematurely. Insurers want to spend as little as they can, and will frequently try to settle claims quickly. The moment your claim has been settled, you forfeit the right to seek any compensation later, even if your injuries need additional medical treatment.

Seek the advice of an experienced vehicle injury legal specialist without delay, and you can be confident that your rights will be preserved.

Many people wonder if they really need to consult an accident lawyer if they are not seriously hurt. There are several reasons why consulting an experienced accident lawyer will help you. Law firms like Campbell & Associates work with insurance companies on a daily basis and know how they function. We have dealt with the same insurance companies many times, and know the best ways to best handle each case with each insurer.

Your lawyer can work with the insurance company to get temporary payments for medical costs without damaging your chances for a settlement later. A local lawyer will know the area, know the local authorities, and have experience with local insurance adjusters. Insurance carriers get to know over time which lawyers are ready to go to court if necessary, and which are willing to settle for less.

You may not know of all the factors leading to an accident, so it is never recommended to confess to anyone that you might have been at fault. The other driver may have been intoxicated, or the light that you recollect as being red may, in fact, have been green or yellow at the time of the accident. Wet or slippery roads may have been a factor in the accident. Your ability to receive payment for your injuries might be lost if you say the wrong thing.

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