[google-map location=”{Connellys Springs, NC} “]Personal injury law involves a range of several claims that attorneys can pursue for their clients.

While vehicular collisions are the most prevalent areas of personal injury law, personal injuries can also emerge out of defamation, assault, and slip and falls.

Lawyers will not bill you for your first consultation to go over what occurred and to establish if they can assist you. 

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After the initial consultation and upon your choice to file suit, attorneys are subsequently left with the decision whether they will represent you.

Attorneys will gladly want and be able to represent you, but there are some situations where an attorney may have to decline representation. Here are some situations when lawyers may need to excuse themselves from representation. 

When legal professionals know that a case is expected to be not successful, they must not pursue a lawsuit. Lawyers could incur penalty costs as well as lose their licenses if they file a claim without considering its potential.

Courts are already congested with many pending lawsuits, so pointless legal actions waste the courts’ time even more. Hence, your lawyer must logically believe that you have a good case prior to moving forward with the legal action. 

The main reason why a legal representative will ask you when the personal injury happened to you is to figure out if you are within the time limit to file suit. States have established statute of limitations specifying how much time you have to file suit before the court will bar your personal injury suit.

To put things into perspective, South Carolina restricts wrongful death claims to three years. If you delay suing and the statute of limitations elapses, an attorney will not file your case unless you fall within one of the minimal exceptions.

It cannot be emphasized enough that you should get in touch with a lawyer right away following a personal injury so that your case is timely filed. 

Personal complications may force an attorney to decline to work for you. You need to have the best representation that you can obtain, so if a lawyer cannot provide that for you, then he or she should take a step back from working for you.

These personal issues might involve money, friends and family, or sentimental complications, being morally opposed, or not having enough time. If a lawyer is unable to handle your case, he or she will nevertheless help you acquire the help that you need by referral. 

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Conflicts of interests can prevent attorneys from representing possible clients. There can be a conflict of interest, for example, if the lawyer has a significant financial interest in the outcome of your case.

A total exposal and signed consent from all the participants that may have a conflict of interest could defer a potential dilemma just as long as the lawyer will manage to maintain all privileges and discretions. 

A licensed lawyer is allowed to practice in all the different areas of law. For instance, an estate lawyer can still lawfully file a personal injury case. A lawyer needs to, however, familiarize his or herself with the relevant law and be certain that he or she can take on this type of claim.

Deciding to represent a client beyond an attorney’s specialized field of law might require the attorney to accomplish additional studying and online research while planning for the claim to make sure that the representation will be high quality.

It is almost impossible to be an expert in all areas of the law, so if an attorney doesn’t feel comfortable in the field of law that you want to file suit in, he or she may recommend you to another lawyer that is well-seasoned in that field. 

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