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Millions of individuals were injured on the job last year, and millions more experience job-related illnesses.

An additional 5,000 died from job-related injuries or disease.

An on-the-job injury could create an economic hardship to the individual and his entire family.

If you are prepared for the potential of an on-the-job injury, you may save yourself and your family a lot of worries.

Most companies that hire two or more workers are obligated to carry worker’s compensation insurance.

Clover Workers Compensation Legal Representation

Certain classes of workers are not covered by worker’s compensation insurance. These include:

  • Business owners
  • Independent contractors
  • Farm laborers
  • Maritime workers
  • Railroad workers
  • Workers in personal residences
  • Volunteers

Individuals who fit into the above classifications may have other options if they are injured on the job. Talk to a workers compensation legal representative before assuming that you have no recourse. A lawyer near you will be able to advise you of your rights under the worker’s compensation laws in North Carolina.

Workers Comp Lawyer In Clover  NC

If you are a worker covered by worker’s compensation, you should know your rights. Some accidents or injuries occurring away from the job site could be covered, if you were on duty when the accident occurred.

Even if you were at fault for a job-related accident, you may be covered. Work-related diseases and injuries often develop progressively, occasionally leading to permanent disability. Benefits are also available for these types of illness or injury.

Worker’s compensation insurance covers more than just medical bills; it can also cover lost earnings, compensation for permanent injuries, job training for workers unable to return to their previous jobs, and survivor benefits for family members of workers killed on the job, or who die from work-related illnesses.

Worker’s compensation insurance companies, like all insurance companies, will be seeking ways to reduce the amount of benefits they must pay. Your worker’s compensation carrier may try to limit your claim or deny it completely. If you have any doubts about your rights, speak with a qualified worker’s compensation lawyer.

Some employers attempt to penalize or fire workers who file claims; if that happens to you, call a worker’s compensation attorney right away.

Workers Comp Attorney Near Me

Worker’s compensation insurance is meant to replace suing your employer, but you may elect not to collect worker’s compensation and sue your employer directly if the injury or illness resulted from willful or negligent actions by your employer. An attorney with expertise in accident law and in worker’s compensation law can counsel you when a lawsuit against an employer is possible. You may call the law firm of Campbell & Associates at 704-333-0885 for a no-cost consultation today.