[google-map location=”{Catawba, SC} “]Personal injury attorneys accept a large range of claims for clients.

While automotive collisions are one of the most prevalent areas of personal injury law, personal injuries can also emerge from defamation, assault, and slip and falls.

The first consultation with attorneys is normally always cost free to you, so consulting with an attorney following a personal injury is risk-free. 

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Lawyers must likewise agree on their part accept to represent you once you ultimately choose to take legal action. Attorneys will gladly want and be able to represent you, but there are some instances where a lawyer may have to turn down representation. Some instances that will compel a lawyer to not represent you include: 

Lawyers cannot file cases that they do not expect have the prospect of being successful. A court could impose penalties and have attorneys suspended or disbarred if they file suits that they conclude will fail. Courts are already crowded with many pending cases, so frivolous suits waste the courts’ time even more. As a result, attorneys must have reason to think that your claim will succeed if they decide to go forward with it. 

Attorneys will interview you with several questions throughout your first consultation with them to figure out all the relevant facts of your case, including the date the injury happened. You need to sue within your state’s statute of limitations, or else you will be prevented from suing if you surpass the time limit. As an example, South Carolina’s statute of limitations for dog bite legal actions cannot exceed three years.

If you delay filing  suit and the statute of limitations elapses, a lawyer will not go forward with your case unless you fall within one of the very limited exceptions. It cannot be emphasized enough that you should call a lawyer right away after a personal injury so that your case is timely filed. 

Attorneys at times might not have the chance to accept your case for personal causes. When you’re fighting for your claim and reimbursement, you need the top representation obtainable, so a lawyer should not undertake your case if he or she feels that he or she can’t yield that top representation.

Personal challenges might include a fatality in the family, money decline, or mental wellness. If a lawyer is unable to represent you for personal reasons, he or she will usually have the ability to recommend you to another attorney in that area of law so no matter what, you will not waste your time. 

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If an attorney has a conflict of interest with you or a party associated with your case, it will quite likely hinder representation. There could be a conflict of interest, for instance, if the legal professional has a major monetary interest in the outcome of your claim.

Even though there are ways to conquer a conflict of interest, including full disclosure and written consent from all the people involved, there are times where a legal representative will nevertheless not have the ability to represent you due to the degree of discretion, privilege, and noninterference needed while representing a client. 

Despite specializing in one area of law, licensed lawyers can still practice other specialties. Tax lawyers can still file suit for a client’s personal injury case, as an example. A lawyer must, however, accustom his or herself with the relevant law and be certain that he or she can handle this sort of case.

Lawyers may need to work more by researching the topic and become more current and acquainted if they choose to represent you. This research would not be billable and would have to be taken care of on the attorney’s own personal time. A lawyer may reject representation if they do not think that they can sufficiently represent a client in a field of law that they are unaccustomed with. 

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