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Campbell & Associates auto accident attorneys in Monroe understand that even responsible drivers get into car accidents. You may go for years without ever having an accident, but with the average American spending the equivalent of seven 40-hour workweeks driving or riding in an automobile in their lifetime, according to AAA Newsroom, the chances of being in an accident at some point in your life are high. Most of us have seen our share of near misses.

Responsible Driving Pays Off

Through no fault of your own, one day one of those near misses may become a serious car accident. Unfortunately, an accident can happen at any time. Perhaps you are stopped at an intersection and a distracted driver rear-ends you. Perhaps the light is green, you go, but an oncoming driver has decided to run the light, causing a traumatic car crash. Perhaps the other driver is distracted by a phone call, a spilled cup of coffee, or exhaustion. Perhaps visibility is at a low, road conditions are not pristine, and you were in their blind spot. There are many scenarios that can cause an accident. Though the fault may not lie with you, if you do not take legal action the consequences of the accident may fall heavily on your shoulders.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in Monroe, NC, contact the Campbell & Associates car accident lawyers in Monroe today. Call 704-333-0885 for a free consultation. It’s important to act quickly. A delay may affect your right to pursue compensation.

Car Accident Lawyers In Monroe NC

Following an accident, your health and finances may be negatively impacted. Don’t let the insurance company decide what happens to you. In many cases it tries to settle your case way below the compensation you are entitled to and may even deny a claim outright. You are not the insurance company’s priority. Its priority is saving the company as much money as possible by settling the claim quickly and without regard to your actual needs.

Choose an experienced Monroe car accident lawyer. We understand how to stand up to the insurance companies and demand full and fair compensation. Our priority is your well-being, recovery, and fighting for the compensation you deserve. Have a car accident lawyer in Monroe, NC, go to work for you today.

Are Auto Accidents Common In North Carolina?

Car accidents in North Carolina happen every day. According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, 302,407 car accidents were reported in 2017. Of those there were 1,394 fatalities and 126,325 injuries. The more time you spend on the road the more likely your chances are of being involved in an accident. The average American driver is involved in three to four auto accidents in his or her lifetime. The majority of these crashes are not deadly. They can be anything from a tiny bump to a multi-car pileup. However, with the price of vehicles always on the rise, soaring medical costs, and the potential for injury or even death these crashes will most likely be costly. Our lawyers know how to handle your case and get you the financial services you deserve.

When you hire Campbell & Associates, you get accident lawyers in Monroe who understand how to apply the law to your case. We will pursue maximum compensation for you and your loved ones.

Monroe Car Crash Attorneys Near Me

Call 704-333-0885  for a free consultation or contact us online. At  Campbell & Associates we put our client first. We are dedicated to helping people like you get the settlement you deserve.