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The United States Department of Labor reports that 2.9 million workers in the private sector were injured or suffered a work-related sickness in 2016. An additional 5,000 died from work-related injuries or disease.

A work-related injury can bring about economic hardship to the employee and his entire family.

If you are prepared for the possibility of an on-the-job injury, you may save yourself and your family a lot of stress. 

Worker’s Compensation insurance is mandated for most companies which employ two or more workers, including full time, part-time, and temporary workers.

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Before you file a worker’s compensation claim, you ought to know if you are regarded as an “employee” for purposes of coverage. You are not covered if you are: 

  • The owner of a business 
  • An independent contractor (you receive a Form 1099 at the end of the tax year) 
  • A farm laborer 
  • A maritime employee 
  • A railroad employee 
  • A volunteer 
  • A worker in a personal home, such as a nanny or maid for a family 

Even if you are not covered by worker’s compensation insurance, you may yet have the chance to recover damages for an on-the-job injury. Consult an accident lawyer before assuming that you have no recourse. Remember, worker’s compensation laws are different in each state, so it is important to consult a local lawyer. 

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You may not know that your accident is covered by worker’s compensation. Some accidents or injuries happening outside the job site might be covered, if you were on duty when the accident took place. 

Even if you were at fault for a job-related accident, you might be covered. Work-related illnesses and injuries often develop slowly, occasionally resulting in permanent impairment. These types of injuries may also be covered. 

Some of the benefits available include compensation for medical costs, lost income, job training if you are unable to go back to your former job, payment for permanent disability, and survivor benefits for the family members of an employee killed at work. A worker’s compensation lawyer can help get the maximum benefits the law allows.  

All insurance companies are in the business to make money, and one of the ways they can do that is to minimize the amounts they pay in benefits. Do not permit an insurance company to pressure you to go back to work before you are recovered sufficiently to do your job, and do not allow them to pressure you into accepting a settlement before you understand the full extent of your injury. Consult with a worker’s compensation expert to determine exactly what you are entitled to collect after an injury or illness. 

Some employers attempt to penalize or fire workers who file claims; if that happens to you, call a workers comp lawyer right away. 

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If your injury or illness was caused by your employer’s carelessness, you may have other courses of action. A lawyer knowledgeable in accident law and in worker’s compensation law can advise you when a lawsuit against an employer is feasible. You may call the law firm of Campbell & Associates at 704-333-0885 for a free consultation today.