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Millions of trucks and tractor trailers travel our interstate highways and streets each day, transporting food and other items to the retailers in every city and town in America. It is not unforeseen, with so many trucks on the road, to see wrecks.

Large vehicles can present a risk to other drivers; in fact, 81% of the fatal accidents involving trucks were multiple-vehicle accidents, and, 73% of people killed were the drivers and passengers of the other vehicles, according to data collected by the National Highway and Safety Administration.

Accidents resulting in the death of either the truck driver or another driver were more likely to take place in rural areas. No-one wants to be in an accident, but it is a smart idea to know what to expect if one does occur.

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After any accident, things may happen very fast… Immediately following an accident, a trucking company will begin its inquiry by dispatching specialists to collect as much data as they can.

They will look for skid marks on the road, take pictures of the accident scene, interview observers, and collect information from the “black box” computer that most trucks carry. Like an airplane black box, a truck’s computer may provide valuable data that could reveal the cause of an accident.

The trucking company and their insurance company are not obligated to share this information with you, so it is important to secure your own team of professionals to collect this data. A truck law firm can hire a team of trained experts to gather and safeguard evidence for their clients.

Do not expect that the police report will have all of the information you might require to prove your case.

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration oversees all aspects of commercial trucking, including training, licensing, insurance, and alcohol and drug screening. Commercial truck drivers must follow all federal and state regulations at all times. If you were in an accident with a truck or tractor-trailer, you should know if the driver was in violation of federal or state safety regulations. A frequent infraction occurs when drivers do not take mandated rests. Drivers are limited to 14 continuous hours at one time, including breaks and meal times. After 14 consecutive hours, drivers must be off duty for 10 hours before being authorized to drive again. Although drivers record their hours in log books, the information in the book may not be accurate. A driver who is tired can be as dangerous as an intoxicated driver can. After a truck accident, it is important to gain access to the driver’s log book, and to question witnesses who might have knowledge about the length of time the driver had been on the road.

A crash involving a truck carrying hazardous materials can be particularly treacherous. If hazardous freight causes an explosion or illness, it will be essential to learn if proper storage and handling procedures were complied with.

Routine safety inspections are mandated of commercial vehicles, and are more comprehensive than ordinary vehicle inspections. Safety inspections for commercial vehicles are more strict and complete than those for private vehicles. After an accident, it may be necessary to examine the truck’s safety inspection reports, and to re-inspect the truck for faulty equipment.

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All of this may seem confusing for someone who is already struggling with a serious injury or with the loss of a loved one. The attorneys at Campbell & Associates will handle your case with compassion, and will work speedily to secure all the evidence required to maximize your ability to receive the restitution you deserve. If you have been in an accident with a truck or tractor-trailer, call us for a no-cost consultation at 704-333-0885.