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We rely on trucks and tractor-trailers to deliver the commodities we use every day. It is impossible, with so many large vehicles traveling the motorways, to eliminate all accidents. A crash involving a large, heavy vehicle like a tractor-trailer can be serious.

The National Highway and Safety Administration reports that the majority of individuals killed in collisions with large trucks were the operators of other vehicles. Although it may appear that more truck accidents would occur on the busiest highways, a most of fatal truck accidents occurred in rural areas.

If you or a loved one is involved in an accident with a truck or tractor-trailer, you may find that knowing some of the information in this article can help. 

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After any accident, things can happen very fast. The owner of a commercial truck will quickly begin their investigation right away by assembling a team of accident investigators. Their investigators will arrive at the scene of the accident quickly, and start collecting information, interviewing eye witnesses, and obtaining the truck’s computer.

This on-board computer may contain relevant information about the truck’s rate of speed, mechanical condition, and other factors which could have caused an accident.

You can not presume that the data they accumulate will be freely provided to you. A truck law firm can hire a team of trained experts to gather and preserve evidence for their clients. Do not assume that the police report will have all of the information you might need to prove your case. 

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All interstate commercial truck drivers are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which oversees all aspects of commercial trucking, encompassing drug and alcohol screening, hazardous materials transportation, instruction and licensing of commercial truck drivers, and insurance requirements for trucking companies. Commercial truck drivers must abide by all federal and state regulations at all times. A driver’s failure to follow safety laws may have been responsible for an accident.  

Drivers frequently overlook regulations relating to the number of hours they are permitted to drive without a break. Including breaks, commercial drivers may not log more than 14 continuous hours. After 14 consecutive hours, drivers must be off duty for 10 hours before being permitted to drive again. Although drivers record their hours in log books, the information in the book may not be accurate. A driver who is fatigued might be as dangerous as a drunk driver might. If a truck or tractor trailer has been involved in an accident, any details about the duration of time the driver had been on duty will be useful. 

Hazardous materials can cause additional complications after the initial crash. If hazardous freight causes an explosion or if a spill causes people to get sick, it will be necessary to determine if proper storage and handling procedures were followed. 

Commercial vehicles, like all motor vehicles, must complete periodic safety inspections. Poorly maintained equipment may cause accidents, so an examination of the truck and its inspection reports, is important following an accident. 

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After you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident, you will be more concerned with your immediate medical and economic issues to think about these details. The law firm of Campbell & Associates can take care of the required investigations, working with insurance providers, and getting you the payment you deserve while you focus on your well being and your family. We are available for a free consultation at 704-333-0885.